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This Dude Successfully Paid for His Fast Food with Bong Rips

For Jonah Tacoma of Tacoma, WA, the dream of trading burgers for dabs came true. And to top it all off, he got the whole thing on video.

Maybe you've experienced the eponymous "munchies," which have led you to retreat, red-eyed, to the backseat of your friend's car for a burger or taco run at the local drive-thru. But have you ever been so high that once you arrived at said institution of grease and salt and stoner happiness, you tried to pay for your food with green? Not green as in dollar bills, but green as in weed?

And what if, by the grace of the employees at the window that night, it worked?


For Jonah Tacoma of Tacoma, WA (unclear how his last name relates to the city in which he resides), that dream came true. And to top it all off, he got the whole thing on video.

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But then, he had to go and put the weed-friendly employees who partook of the drive-thru toking on YouTube and cause a classic viral-drug-video uproar. Parents just don't understand.

"We're at the drive-thru where apparently, they take dabs," Tacoma says, pulling up to the Frugals. (Frugality, in this case, is best demonstrated by forgoing hard currency in favor of the clean, potent high of dabs). Dabs, by the way, are made from concentrated hash oil or cannabis extract and are known for being a fast, easy way of getting totally baked out of your skull.

Two of the restaurants' employees oblige, coming to the drive-thru window to do some quick, dabby bong rips over a bag of food and a soda before Tacoma turns to the camera and grins, "Only in America, kids."

According to KATU, Tacoma addressed concerns that he then peeled out of the parking lot and drove around town high out of his mind by clarifying that he and his friends then "went right into our parking spot and we were there for the rest of the afternoon because it was right next to where we were going." Hmm … OK.

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He also says that the video, titled "DRIVE THROUGH DABBING…" is "a statement" that shows "that cannabis is part of American culture now. We're here to stay." Is Tacoma's argument that all people should be paying for fast food with dabs? Less clear.

Possessing regulated marijuana is technically legal in Washington, although laws can vary from county to county in terms of specifics, and driving under the influence of marijuana is prohibited throughout the state. Ditto using marijuana in view of the public, and it's fair to say that most employers still don't really want their staff hitting bongs while at work.

The very embarrassed Frugals PR cleanup crew released a statement saying that they had fired the two employees in the video, both of whom had been employed with the company since 2012.

"Frugals has a zero tolerance drug policy in the workplace, and we in no way condone the type of conduct captured," the statement says. "How very unfortunate that the media has chosen to spotlight and sensationalize this incident, which may only serve to encourage this type of behavior in publicity seeking individuals."

Oops. Sorry, Frugals.