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Avocados Are About to Get Way More Expensive

The UK, where avocado sales have climbed by 25 percent in the last year alone, is getting it the worst.
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A lot of fruits are good for you.

But does the apple protect your lungs from stinky air pollution? Didn't think so. Is the humble kiwi packed with monounsaturated fats which are equal parts tasty and healthy? 'Fraid not. Does mango have a positive effect on hypertension and blood sugar levels? Okay, it probably does.

But the avocado does all of these things at the same time, and it tastes way better.


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Combine these unique nutritional properties and ever-growing popularity with the the looming "Guacapocalypse" and you've got a perfect storm of low supply and high demand, which—if high school economics teachers are to be believed—will lead to a pronounced spike in avocado price.

That's exactly what seems to be happening in the UK, it would seem, where avocado sales have climbed by 25 percent in the last year alone. And if that weren't enough, it's looking like there will be a 30 percent drop in production in the Mediterranean due to "adverse weather," according to The Grocer, the UK's leading grocery industry magazine.

And if climate issues and declining production weren't enough, it seems that China is also developing an appetite for avocados, which means that South American shipments from countries like Peru are being diverted to Asia and driving prices even higher.

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Peru's annual production of avocados is expected to double between now and 2020, from a mere 200,000 tonnes to 400,000, and has tripled since 2010, and a huge chunk of future guacamole is headed to the UK.

"This is one of the reasons behind the strong efforts that are being made in selected markets like the UK, Europe and China," Jamie Cardenas, director of the Peruvian trade office in London, told The Grocer that avocado growers are ready to embrace the hike in demand and are investing heavily in increasing supply.

So enjoy the era of the cheap avocado while it lasts; you may one day be telling your grandkids that you remember the good old days when avocados were "only" $2 each, as they dig into a $40 guac that you will probably end up paying for.