What Is The Speed Bump Sex Position And What Are The Benefits?

Don’t let the fugly urban-infrastructure-title dissuade you – with the right attitude, this position can be tweaked for full-blown eroticism.
Arielle Richards
Melbourne, AU
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The speed bump sex position: it’s one of those positions where you can kind of imagine what it is before you even know. Of the face-down, ass-up variety, the speed bump sex position is actually incredibly handy for a multitude of pleasurable reasons – not just for those days when you can’t be fucked getting up to fuck. Although it is good for that, too. 

This position is especially useful for g-spot stimulation, easing lower back pain, and getting hot and heavy in a body-on-body configuration primed for intimacy. Don’t let the fugly urban-infrastructure-title dissuade you: with the right attitude, this position can be tweaked for full-blown eroticism. Also, it feels good.


What is the speed bump position?

This position is vaguely similar to doggy-style, except the receiver lays on their stomach, and a pillow, sex cushion or other prop is placed under their hips, lifting their pelvis up and taking the pressure off their knees. The penetrator kneels with their legs between the receiver’s legs, and enters from behind. It’s a pillow princess’s dream: the penetrated partner is able to receive the pleasure of sex while fully supported, without lifting a finger, arm, leg, or anything at all. 

In the speed bump pose, the penetrating partner is able to kiss, touch, caress and play with several erogenous zones on the receiving partner, including their back, neck, hair, ears, nipples and ass. 

What are the benefits of the speed bump pose?

Laura Miano, a Melbourne-based sexologist and founder of independent sex toy store Posmo, said the speed bump position was great for those who like doggy, but “want to avoid being moved around, which can happen when you're on your knees”. 

“Lying on the bed with a pillow will give a similar sensation to doggy, but with support,” Miano said. This support is great for receivers with lower back pain, as the pillow provides the stability and support that other rear-entry positions lack.


For receivers with vulvas, while the clit is a bit more difficult to access in this position, it’s really all about the g-spot – found internally on the vaginal wall. 

“For vaginal penetration, the angle allows for better g-spot stimulation as it's located on the belly side of the vagina, meaning the toy or penis will rub up against it more than if the person with the vulva was lying on their back,” Miano said.

The speed bump position also works for anal penetration, which can be extra pleasurable for receivers with penises.

“For anal penetration, similarly the angle allows for more p-spot stimulation, as the p-spot is located on the belly-side of the anus,” Miano said. 

Sometimes called the “male g-spot”, the “p” in “p-spot” stands for prostate – the small muscular gland that produces seminal fluid. A prostate orgasm is a beautiful thing, and the angle of the speed bump pose offers an increased chance of hitting it.

How to make the speed bump position even better?

For a more intimate, skin-on-skin experience, the penetrating partner could lie on top of the receiver, as opposed to thrusting from their knees. In this position, the penetrator has better access to sensual touching: kissing, caressing, or holding the receiver. 

“The person penetrating could gently caress the receiver’s back, neck, head and arms while they fuck them slowly,” Miano said. “Super sensual! Get an oil-based lube involved for this.”


“If the person lying down enjoys spanking, this position is great for it – the receiver's ass is perfectly exposed, and they won't move around when they get spanked due to the pillow being the buffer,” Miano said. 

Also hot in this position: hair pulling, biting, or sucking on fingers or toes, if either partner is into it. Basically any kind of caress can become extremely exciting in this position.

“Ass play is another one,” said Miano. “If the receiver is being penetrated vaginally, they could enjoy double penetration by having their asshole played with, using butt plugs, a finger or a dildo.”

Are there any variations of the speed bump pose?

One of the biggest benefits of the speed bump position is its versatility, and both same-sex and opposite-sex pairings can get a lot out of it. 

“For two people with vulvas, a strap on with an attached dildo will be ideal, however the penetrator could also simply hold a dildo and penetrate them using a dildo-in-hand,” Miano said.

“Partnerings with two penises can enjoy this position with anal penetration, and for penis-vulva partnerings, a vulva-owner could become the penetrator by wearing a strap on.”

“Rather than penetrating with a strap on or penis, the receiver could also get into the 'speed bump' position and the other partner could penetrate them with a dildo in hand. This gives the penetrator freedom to change up their position – like lying next to the receiver so their bodies are touching and they can see each other's faces... a big one for intimacy!”


There are ways to change up the speed bump position to make it work for you and your partner – depending on body size, flexibility and dildo or dick size, slight variations might feel better. 

For a tighter, yummy squeezing feeling, the penetrated partner can close their legs, while the penetrator kneels with their legs on either side of them. You can also experiment with a bigger or smaller pillow or stack of pillows to adjust your liking of elevation, depth and angle of penetration.

The arm of a couch can provide similar elevation: the receiver lies bent over the arm, with their pelvis draped over the couch arm and their body supported on the couch, while the giver stands and penetrates them from behind. Similar could be said for the end of the bed, or a table – the key here is to prop up the receiver’s hips, which can be done pretty much anywhere: bed, couch, floor… you name it.

This position on its own is pretty vanilla, but there are endless ways to spice it up, if that’s what you’re into. The speed bump position is great to play around with dom/sub roles, especially as the receiver is in a particularly submissive pose, or even just to get super, super intimate – picture it, a hot sex playlist on in the background, your partner whispering dirty things in your ear, tugging on your hair while fucking you from behind…


Now I’m just writing smut. 

But – you came here for a reason. Whether it was because you were looking for more supportive positions, ones guaranteed to hit the g or p-spot, or simply ones where you can get railed without having to do shit: the speed bump sex position could be your new favourite.

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