When Eating Camel Balls, It's All About the Liquid Center


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When Eating Camel Balls, It's All About the Liquid Center

In this installment of Seriously, Though, Who Is This?, our protagonist approaches chefs with a unique take on the culinary appeal of camel balls.
November 8, 2014, 5:00pm

Welcome back to Seriously, Though, Who Is This?, a column by fearless contributor Xavier Aaronson, who anonymously texts strange and confusing culinary-related imagery to unsuspecting victims in order to uncover various aspects of the human psyche and the power of visual communication. Oh, and most of these strangers are usually high-quality chefs. Enjoy.

When you find a truly incredible food product—for example, extra sour, liquid-filled Camel Balls bubble gum—you really shouldn't keep it to yourself. It seemed best to share it with some revered chefs and see what they thought of my amazing discovery, so I surprise-texted them to get some off-the-cuff feedback.