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Here's MoRuf's Video for "Buckle Up"

A night at the jazz club.

New Jersey's MoRuf is on the come up. Late last year, he released his project, Shades.Of.Moowith production from Knxwledge, Lab Ox, Like (of Pac Div), Madlib, MeLo-X, THC and more. Today, we're premiering the movie of a music video for his single, "Buckle Up." The visuals were shot by Street Etiquette and it's pairs some smooth, calm visuals to the track.

"I wanted make sure that everything told a story, just so people could understand where I was coming from that much more," MoRuf said in an email. "Working with Street Etiquette on this made so much sense and couldn't have happen at a perfect. Working with your peers who are ambitious on their craft is love and hella inspiring. We really wanted it give off that Mo Better Blues…Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk vibe… especially being that jazz was such a huge inspiration on this project."

"More than being a rapper, we wanted MoRuF to be looked at as an artist and the story of Buckle Up entails an artist in between his love for music and his art," Josh from Street Etiquette said.

Watch "Buckle Up" above and get MoRuf on your radar.