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MUNCHIES Guide to Norway: From Sea to Table

The journey starts in Oslo.

In the first episode of our MUNCHIES Guide to Norway, we meet our host, Halaigh Whelan-McManus, at Oslo's Maaemo, the three-Michelin star restaurant where he works as a sous chef. After talking to his boss about the wonders of Norway’s nature and culinary potential – and having a chat with locals about what Norwegians really like to eat (yes, you guessed it, frozen pizzas), Halaigh heads to the west coast to go diving for some of the world’s most sought-after scallops. After eating raw, live scallops on the boat, the fishermen invite Halaigh back for a home-cooked feast with scallop gratin, bacon-wrapped scallops and plenty of cold beer. Further down the southern coast, in Stavanger, we get a sample of what happens when these scallops get into the hands of a sushi master. At Sabi Omakase, head chef Roger Asakil gives Halaigh a lesson in break down a fish like a master, before treating him to sushi made with a local twist--including smoked reindeer heart.