PREMIERE: Courage x Lao Ra - "Wild At Heart"

Here's what happens when a cool producer dude from London hooks up with a cool singer girl from Bogota. cool.
February 7, 2017, 3:15pm

Remember when you heard that song from the Drive soundtrack that kept going on and on about a real human hero? Well "Wild At Heart" is a bit like that song, but more subtle, less clobber you over the head with the synth lines and the circuitous lyrics. Here the shuffle-kick, beats and stuttered synth throbs are topped off with Lao Ra's gold-dusted vocals that sound like they're being beamed from a faraway dream.


Here's the crib sheet for these two: Courage is a London dude whose sonic paw prints, as a producer, are all over RAY BLK's single "My Hood" feat. Stormzy. He also worked with her again on "2am." In both those cases the vibe is much more on an R&B tip with a 2-step kick. Meanwhile Lao Ra hails from Bogota, Colombia, now relocated to London and her shit is dope, blending Latin flavors with sassy pop panache. Songs like "Bang Boom," "Drum Machine," "Jesus Made Me Bad" hitting that sweet spot between Charli XCX and CSS' Lovefoxxx, and Shakira. Seriously—check her out.

"'Wild At Heart' originally came from me listening to a lot of scores from horror films of the 80s, with composers such as John Carpenter and Fabio Frizzi," explains Courage. "Me and Lao Ra got in the studio and that was the beat that stood out to both of us, her vocals managed to turn it into a really beautiful song."

He's right too! It is beautiful and showcases a new dimension to both artists.