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Bench Press This Power Pasta into Your Mouth

For your post-gym meal, share this protein-packed pasta from champion strongman Robert Oberst.

If you want to deadlift four times your body weight, you're gonna have to eat more than that limp protein bar for breakfast. Your body is like a car and it constantly needs fuel, so pipe this into your tank: five pounds of pasta with tomato sauce, ground beef, and sausage.

That's it. None of that cold-pressed kale juice with antioxidant essence or goji berry water with flavored steroids. This is the stuff your great-grandparents survived on while they plowed the field with their bare hands every morning for 15-hours straight in the snow. Uphill.

MAKE IT: Strongman Pasta Asciutta

We got this recipe from strongman Robert Oberst, who tosses kegs like tennis balls and literally picks up girls—over his head. His diet consists of 20,000 calories, eight to ten eggs for breakfast, and two steaks for lunch. While these five pounds of pasta equals four meals for him, regular diners can split this into 20 servings. Warning: It's not paleo.

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And after that, along with five sets of bench-pressing your bodyweight and back-squatting a Buick full of nuns, you can reward yourself with some cake pops made by a fitness competitor-turned baker or sleep it off and wake up with this big bowl of sausage and egg scramble cooked up by another championship lifter. Enjoy your carbs and protein, 'cause your paleo-eating ancestors would have killed for a big bowl of beefy pasta while huddled up in a cave.