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This Arthur Meme Has Become a DJ Favorite

One meme includes the question, "Forgot my headphones can I use yours?"

What began as a series of funny (and sometimes inappropriate) tweets featuring images of characters from the animated cartoon Arthur has grown into a bonafide meme. One image in particular featuring main character Arthur curling his hand into a fist has become popular among Twitter users, including a number of different DJs.

On Saturday, Brooklyn-based DJ Jubilee used the image to reference common questions or statements heard in the music industry like, "What time do you play?" and "It's really good exposure."


What time do you play? — JUBILEE (@JubileeDJ)July 30, 2016

It's really good exposure — JUBILEE (@JubileeDJ)July 30, 2016

Let's build fam — JUBILEE (@JubileeDJ)July 30, 2016

Brenmar jumped into the act too.

Forgot my headphones can I use yours? — BRENMAR (@BBRENMAR)July 30, 2016

And late Saturday night, RL Grime used an edited version of the image to share where he'd be playing that night.

omw to — RL GRIME (@RLGRIME)July 31, 2016

Where else will the Arthur meme show up on the dance music internet? We'll pay attention to keep you informed.