• Growing Opium Is All the Sinai Bedouins Have Left

    The Egyptian revolution wrecked the local economy, and is forcing farmers into the drug trade. That's turning the Sinai into a breeding ground for new addicts, thereby growing demand in a vicious cycle of desperation.

  • Militants and Political Slayings Are Keeping Tunisia in Revolution Limbo

    Three years on, Tunisians are still not happy.

  • Remembering the UK Riots

    One year ago this weekend, Britain exploded into the worst rioting that pretty much anyone living there can remember. Four days of intense violence, looting, and chaos caught the police off-guard and politicians flew home from their expensive holidays...

  • Requiem for the HTML Frameset, 1996-2011

    _by "Tobias Leingruber":https://twitter.com/tbx._ HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language, is the basic code structure that create websites, and it consists of elements called tags. For example "<p>" defines a new paragraph or "<img src=“image...

  • Party On, Dubstep Dudes

    Earlier this year, as rioting and revolution convulsed the rest of the world, Switzerland remained predictably stable.

  • An Obligatory and Pointless Look Back at 2011

    Has this year been the annus mirabilis of righteous democrats or a miserable anus full of demo-prats?