• Houses in London Could Soon Be Heated by Coffee Dregs

    A London startup has announced that it will be collecting coffee waste from cafes across the capital to be processed into biomass energy.

  • VICE News Capsule - Thursday, August 6

    Russia enforces its ban on Western food imports, California firefighters struggle to control blaze, Japan's elderly are at risk from a record heat wave, and Nigeria's new alternative to firewood and kerosene.

  • Cheese Waste Might Be the Best New Biofuel

    In celebration, I am already—at this very moment—attempting to fill my bathtub to the brim with as much Camembert and Reblochon as I can humanly muster.

  • José Andrés Wants the World to Cook with Sunlight and Biofuel

    One of the least-discussed but most pressing issues in modern kitchens is their reliance on conventional but unsustainable fuels. World-renowned chef José Andrés is trying to change that, one solar cooker at a time.

  • Could a Winemaker's Yeast Replace Palm Oil?

    Palm oil is as ubiquitous as it is controversial. But researchers from the University of Bath have developed a method for turning a type of yeast used in wine production into a potential alternative.

  • Our Future Will Be Powered by Wine

    Avinash Karpe, a 26-year-old chemist at Melbourne’s Swinburne University of Technology, is developing a process for turning wine waste into biofuel. If all goes according to plan, we may one day be powering our cars with the remnants of a '96 Nebbiolo.