• Good Snake Wine Should Taste Like a Meal in a Shot Glass

    Drinking homemade snake wine can be lethal, so I sought out some professionals who know what they’re doing. The Cheung family's version—with added geckos—was sweet and salty, with just a touch of amphibious flavor.

  • Hong Kong's Snake Soup Heats Your Blood

    At Hong Kong's Se Wong Heep, every drawer is labelled with two crimson Chinese characters: “poisonous snakes.” A bowl of its thick, slow-cooked snake soup is the perfect to counter the yin effects of a cold winter.

  • Venom Superman Responds to YouTube Comments

    Last week we premiered a documentary about Steve Ludwin, a nutty guy who injects himself with snake venom as a means to becoming immortal. It was a YouTube hit, and received thousands of comments, such as "This guy is pretty cool" and "You look like...

  • Venom Superman

    For the past 20 years Steve Ludwin has been sticking deadly snake venom in a syringe and mainlining it. He claims that snake juice is the ultimate pick-me-up, making him stronger, faster, and more resilient. Now, scientific research might be catching...