• Exploring Battersea Power Station with Palladium

    The public aren't allowed inside, so Palladium made a film to give you a glimpse into a part of London history.

  • The 69-Year Old Contractor That's Searching for Columbus' Lost Fort

    On Christmas, 1492, Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria ran aground on a reef somewhere in the Caribbean. He orded the timber salvaged to build a fort, and when Columbus set sail a few weeks later to return to Spain, he left behind 39 sailors in a new...

  • Houston, We Have A Party

    While you were busy committing god knows what sort of atrocities to your body and mind over the weekend, much cleaner festivities were unfolding in Clear Lake, Houston. "Shuttlebration," folks were calling it and by golly if it doesn't sound like the...

  • On Its Anniversary, Remembering the Beeping Fear of Sputnik

    Fifty-four years ago this week, people throughout America were searching for a flashing dot among the stars every night and tuning their radios to hear the first sound to reach Earth from space.

  • Yes, the Universe Is Hurling Us Out Into Darkness

    It's been scarcely a decade since science discovered that the universe is not only expanding but expanding faster and faster, theorizing further that the culprit is a strange unknown _something_ called dark energy. Dark energy is the biggest part of...