Janicza Bravo

  • 'Eat!' by Janicza Bravo

    After getting locked out of her apartment, a young woman finds herself in the company of a strange and lonely neighbor. Eat! is a short film directed by Janicza Bravo and starring Brett Gelman and Katherine Waterston.

  • A Chat with Janicza Bravo (and Brett Gelman) About Her New Short Starring Michael Cera in a Wheelchair

    Janicza’s new short 'Gregory Go Boom' stars Michael Cera as a wheelchair-bound dorkface and Brett Gelman as his older degenerate brother. It’s funny and slightly depressing, and you can watch the whole thing here. A couple weeks back I chatted with J&B...

  • Combover, Interpreted

    This month's installment of 'Combover' has no words. Here's your cheat sheet, an interview with photographer Janicza Bravo, who tells us about Combover's strange homoerotic shamanic dream.