• This Is What the World’s Cleanest Martini Tastes Like

    London bartender Joe Petch’s martini uses vodka from the volcanic springs of Iceland, specially imported ice, and just a few sprays of Lillet Blanc vermouth. “Clean water is essential for clean-tasting spirit,” he says.

  • This Bar Treats Martinis Like Religion

    Each time a martini is ordered at London’s Dry Martini, bar staff issue a certificate commemorating the event—as if the drinker has just taken their first communion. “I’m the bartender-priest and the cocktail is my offering,” explains Craig Petrie.

  • Time for a Martini with Enough Crudités to Feed an Army

    It's the end of the day and the end of the week, so stir up Mission Chinese Food's ice-cold martini and eat it with a massive platter of crunchy snacks.