Megan Fox

  • I Got Wasted on Drinking Vinegar

    Drinking vinegars (or, "shrubs", as they're otherwise known) are having a quiet resurgence here in the UK. They're not just tasty and good for you, either—if you're of sensitive disposition, they'll get you a bit wasted.

  • What the Fuck Is Going on in 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'?

    Holy shit, the new Ninja Turtles movie is really bad. It's truly perplexing how bad it is. If you were foolish enough to see it, we've compiled all the nonsense and illogical crap.

  • I Sacrificed a Chicken and Drank Vinegar in the Name of Megan Fox

    As a feminist, I want to love Megan Fox for calling out Michael Bay's sexism, but as a sane human being I struggle to love a woman who considers Red Lobster her favorite restaurant. But eccentricity is a quality we tolerate in male stars, so I decided...

  • Self-Imposed Chocolate Poisoning

    OK you guys this is going to be a tough read because I did it while I was bent over at the waist—or like between being bent over, but not for long because sitting up is real, real hard—because I ate some chocolate really quickly before a meeting, and...

  • Esquire's Interview with Megan Fox Is the Worst Thing Ever Written

    The cover story of this month's 'Esquire' is an interview with Megan Fox by Stephen Marche. And though I haven't read every single thing that has ever been written, I can say, with confidence, that it is the worst thing that anybody has ever written...