• We Attended Mass at Paris's Animal Church

    Every year, on the first Sunday of November, the monseigneur of Sainte Rita in Paris organizes a Mass exclusively for animals.

  • How I Pulled Off a $300 Million Drug Deal

    From 1972 until the late 80s, Brian O’Dea was one of the world’s most successful drug smugglers. Then he got addicted to coke, and although he cleaned up following an overdose and a heart attack, the DEA tracked him down. So, throughout the 1990s...

  • Ones and Zeros: Sexy Panda Poop and Sneaky Snails

    h3. One: Lockheed Martin's "new speedy transport plane": (DVICE) h3. Zero: Parrots are learning to "talk like people in the wild":

  • A Brief History of Brooklyn Curiosities

    Since at least 1971, but possibly as early as 1967, Brooklyn has had a native monk-parrot population. Most expert ornithological sources agree the parrots most likely flew the coop upon landing at JFK while en route to a Manhattan pet shop. When the...