Sean Penn

  • El Chapo's Beauty Queen Wife Says She Fears for His Life

    In her first interview ever, 26-year-old Emma Coronel, discusses the incarceration of the infamous drug lord, their life together, and Mexican telenovela star Kate del Castillo.

  • Kate del Castillo Was 'Stabbed in the Back' by Sean Penn Over El Chapo

    Despite remaining almost silent herself, people linked to the telenovela actress say she is being scapegoated by the Mexican government and was betrayed by Sean Penn as he desperately sought an interview for his article in Rolling Stone.

  • Cashing in on 'El Chapo'

    VICE News travels to “Sinaloa country” in Los Angeles to meet admirers of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzman, and the entrepreneurs who are capitalizing on the drug lord’s infamy.