Volume 13 Issue 8

  • I Want My Dvds

    We did it again. First there was SCTV, then Kids in the Hall, then Nardwuar, then Trailer Park Boys, then Fubar, and now there’s Kenny vs. Spenny, two Canadian roommates competing solely for the joy of humiliating the loser.

  • Lifetime Acheivement Award

    Ben Anderson is a guy who the BBC pays to go to the most dangerous places in the world with a video camera.

  • The First Annual Story Awards - Heavy Shit

    This must have been about 25 years ago. I was 18 and I was getting wasted with my born-again Christian pal and my Nazi skinhead pal. We had been drinking Labatt 50 all day and doing MDA (an early version of E).

  • The First Annual Story Awards - Action!

    This was in Florida in like 1983. It was me and a few fellow metalhead kids riding around, smoking weed, and blasting music. Kill ’Em All had just come out and we were going fucking crazy for it.

  • Vice Mail

    I used to be one of the many people who, for no good reason, disliked cops. Then about two months ago I was sodomized at knifepoint a few feet from my front door. I can say now that I have nothing but respect and admiration for the police.

  • The First Annual Story Awards - Chemicals

    I had just lost a job and I had a friend that was dealing ecstasy. I was like, "Fuck, I need to do something," so I got my hustle on with that shit and it started going well. I met one dude and then I met another dude, and so on.

  • Records

    An overfed and under-talented party tart clumsily deconstructing gender dynamics is as threatening to the mainstream as Weird Al doing a Toby Keith parody—and certainly far less entertaining.

  • The First Annual Story Awards - Rock And Roll

    I was leaving Portland’s premier venue when the saxophonist from local cabaret-rock act muttered some cheeky little remark to me. I dropped the nut on him, knocking his two front teeth out and leaving him unable to play his instrument, for which I am...

  • Vice Recommends

    Earlier this month, we had our one day super concert, Tales Of The Jackalope. Alongside The Horrors, who were amazing and insane, Klaxons were our other personal highlight. After the performance, Simon from the band strangely ran away to a tent and...

  • Powerhouse Drunk

    U have good locations for do's and don't's,but u should take powerhouse off of bar list as a hollywood hipster bought it,and changed it around.

  • Vice Pictures - Photo Stories With Jaimie Warren

    Jaimie, what was your Fourth of July like this year?

  • Tell Us About Your First Time

    I fucked my best friend and it was so bad. He was in there for like one second. Barely anything. He stuck the tip in and started crying and went limp. Then he told me that the only reason I got with him was because I was "shallow and horny."