Medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Will Be Made From Recycled Phones

Nothing like being a good sport with some environmentally-conscious bling.


Metallica's New Children's Book Will Have Your Kids Sleeping With One Eye Open

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Metal Band Performance Cancelled in Singapore for ‘Denigrating Religions’

If Watain got cancelled for 'denigrating religions' and 'promoting violence,' will Maroon 5 be cancelled in the future for promoting diabetes?


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How Metal Keeps Me Connected to My Partner in Prison

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You'll Never Listen to All the Music You Want to Hear Before You Die

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The Mom-and-Pop Metal Business of the Kashmir Valley

Photographer Will Warasila profiles a family-owned company in India that sells small steel and iron parts to local merchants and builders.


When Indonesian Metalheads of the 80s Become Parents

Two Indonesian scholars and metalheads explore what it means to grow up with heavy metal under the New Order regime and raising children in 2018 in their new book.


Two Nursing Home Escapees Were Found at the World's Biggest Metal Fest

They were "disoriented and dazed" by the time the cops finally tracked them down.


Here Are 10 Dope Metal Bands Because the World Is on Fire

I'm exhausted post-#OccupyICENYC and don't have much to say, so let bands like Black Tusk, Dakhma, and Skeleton soundtrack your own revolt.


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