A$AP Rocky:

Trump Is Trying To Get A$AP Rocky Freed. It's Not Going Well.

Trump's call to the Swedish prime minister seems to have gotten a frosty reception.
Tim Marcin
3 hours ago
The VICE Guide to Right Now

China to Start Human Testing for a Vaccine That Will Cure HIV

With no known cure for HIV till date, the vaccine is being seen as a promising antidote to the HIV virus if it’s successful on the 160 volunteers.
Pallavi Pundir
8 minutes ago

Why Muslim Fashion is Taking Over the Luxury World

The commitment to modest dressing is a lucrative space designers are tapping into. By 2023, Muslim fashion is forecasted to reach $361 billion a year.
Meera Navlakha
11 minutes ago

The Creative and Cruel Ways People Make Life Hell for the Homeless

It's not just playing "Baby Shark" over and over.
Molly Taft
a minute ago
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The Impact of America's Failing Infrastructure

Lee explains America's failing infrastructure.
Hong Kong

Horrifying Footage Shows Masked Thugs Beating Pro-Democracy Protesters With Metal Rods In Hong Kong

Lawmakers are accusing their own government of colluding with the mob, whose attack put 45 protesters in the hospital on Sunday.
Tim Hume
3 hours ago
Sinaloa Cartel

A Cartel Kingpin’s Son Just Claimed His Prize for Testifying Against El Chapo

Vicente Zambada, who has admitted to ordering people killed, was sentenced to 15 years and could walk free in under 5.
Keegan Hamilton
3 hours ago
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Hong Kong Police Make ‘Largest Ever’ Seizure of Explosives in Lead Up to Protests

Three men have been arrested over the haul, which included the same "extremely powerful" explosive used in the Sri Lanka Easter bombings.
Gavin Butler
16 hours ago
Harm Reduction

The Unique Way Glasgow Takes Drugs Is Killing Its Drug Users

Drug users are dying at a horrific rate in Scotland, and it's because of the way they use those drugs.
Eve Livingston
16 hours ago

We Asked People How Long They Waited to Say 'I Love You'

According to research, one in 10 say it after a week. But as we discovered, most people wait a lot longer.
Laura Roscioli
17 hours ago

I Learned How to Make Blow in Colombia

I spent a day as an apprentice with a cook in the Colombian village of San Agustin.
Adam Guzman
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Women in Japan are Fighting to Save their Own Last Names After Marriage

An age-old law in Japan reinforces that husbands and wives must have the same last name – but women are fighting back.
Meera Navlakha
16 hours ago

'Gossip Girl' Is Getting a Reboot, So When's 'The OC' Coming Back?

We need to know what a mid-30s Seth Cohen is listening to.
River Donaghey
5 days ago
While You Were Sleeping

Hattie Molloy

Working with flowers can seem like an idyllic job, until you find out how early florists get up. We follow Melbourne's Hattie Malloy, creator of incredible flower art, on her morning market run to meet her suppliers.