The Most Disastrous Cannes Walkouts of All Time, Ranked

After 'Mektoub, My Love: Intermezzo' gave one critic a "mild psychotic break," we revisited the worst receptions Cannes films have ever gotten.
Drew Schwartz
4 hours ago

Here’s How Scientists Plan to Watch Supermassive Black Hole Collisions

“When these objects merge, there is more energy produced than the rest of the universe put together.”
Becky Ferreira
4 hours ago

A Parisian Perfume for People Who Want to Smell Like Semen

No more suggestive advertising – this fragrance is literally the scent of sex.
Lara Williams
4 hours ago
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Scientists Prove China Is Emitting Illegal Ozone Depleting Gasses

In a no longer secret attempt, China tried to circumvent laws that ban certain gasses that are harmful to our atmosphere.
Edoardo Liotta
4 hours ago
VICE Specials

24 Hours with Female Marines in NYC: Fleet Week

Last year, Vice’s Erica Matson was invited aboard the USS Arlington to spend 24 hours with a group of female Marines as they experienced NYC Fleet Week for the first time.

What Flavor Juul Pod Is Sophie Turner's Favorite? An Investigation

Bend the knee to Sophie Turner, Juul Queen in the North.
Alex Zaragoza
17 hours ago

A Chat About Hitmen and Drugs With Dark Web Expert Eileen Ormsby

For eight years Eileen has investigated humanity's darkest corners. Here's what she's learned.
Lucy Andrews
18 hours ago

I Got My Faeces Tested to See If It's 'Super-Poo'

We're entering a new world of faecal transplants – and only the finest will qualify.
Sophie Wilkinson
21 hours ago

I Had an Identity Crisis Visiting All the Food Spots with the Same Name as Me

Ruby’s Cafe, Ruby’s Bar, Ruby House Chinese takeaway – what could they teach me about my personal brand?
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
21 hours ago

The Power Struggle Behind Britney Spears' Conservatorship Saga

There are several parties jockeying for control of Spears' world, and it's hard to tell which one of them she's aligned with.
Allie Jones
21 hours ago

Mark Ronson Knows He'll Never Beat 'Uptown Funk'

We met the producer ahead of the release of his new album, to talk about song-writing, LA, his break-up, Amy Winehouse and the highs and lows of an international smash.
Michael Segalov
21 hours ago

Apple Agrees to Tell Users If an iOS Update Will Slow Down Their iPhones

A watchdog group in the United Kingdom got Apple to agree to tell users when its software updates will affect device performance.
Matthew Gault
21 hours ago

The 'Aladdin' Porn Parody Is Here and We Fixed Its Title

'Aladdick' is fine, but 'I Dream of Creamie' is better.
River Donaghey
21 hours ago
How To...

How To Make A Classic Australian Bong

Gatorbeug shows VICE how to make the classic Australian bong in his Queensland HQ, where he creates products in the shape of Shane Warne, Nike Airmax TN's, Donald Trump, Vegemite.