should we be archiving our digital lives? and how?

We asked some experts.
Marianne Eloise

Stephanie H. Shih's Food Ceramics Nourish Asian-American Memory

"The Asian-American community is so large, and yet there haven’t really been conversations specifically catered toward us — people are really hungry for it. No pun intended."
Emma Specter
2 hours ago

The Philippines' Anti-Drug Agency Wants to Ban a Rap Song it Thinks is About Weed

The agency is convinced the song is about marijuana… even when the rapper himself says it isn’t.
Lex Celera
3 hours ago

afrocidade is making protest music for brazil's black youth

"Right now in Brazil we are in a time of fighting. Fighting for our rights, for our people, and representation."
Tarisai Ngangura
VICE Specials

24 Hours with Female Marines in NYC: Fleet Week

Last year, Vice’s Erica Matson was invited aboard the USS Arlington to spend 24 hours with a group of female Marines as they experienced NYC Fleet Week for the first time.

Assimilation Is Changing What It Means to Be Queer

We spoke to Amelia Abraham about her new book, 'Queer Intentions', which grapples with complicated questions about the mainstreaming of LGBTQ culture.
Daisy Jones
3 hours ago

our house is on fire, the fashion industry must do more than talk about the climate crisis

As we make sense of the conversations, solutions and commitments shared at Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2019, it’s clear that radical measures and collaborative action are more urgent than ever.
Steve Salter
sex scenes

What Makes A Gay Icon?

A new gallery show at Lévy Gorvy delves into Andy Warhol's relationships with the women he immortalized in art.
Rachel Rabbit White
4 hours ago

More Drug Users Are Intentionally Using Fentanyl Amid Overdose Crisis, Study Finds

The way we think about harm reduction and fentanyl should change, Canadian researchers suggest.
Luke Ottenhof
4 hours ago

One Year on from Ireland's Abortion Referendum, Things Aren't Moving Fast Enough

The Irish public may have overwhelmingly voted to legalize abortion, but implementing it is proving trickier than expected.
Mary McGill
4 hours ago

Unseen Photos Chronicle the Complex Friendship of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat

The upcoming book 'Warhol on Basquiat' offers a fascinating look at the lives of two modern art icons.
4 hours ago
Australia Today

A Man has Been Charged with the Murder of Melbourne Woman Courtney Herron

The 25-year-old's body was discovered at a park in the city's inner north on Saturday morning. She is the fourth young woman to have been found dead in Melbourne in less than 12 months.
Gavin Butler
7 hours ago

The Composers for 'Stranger Things' Are Careful to Not Be Cheesy

"There's this term that people use to describe the music that we make for 'Stranger Things,' and it's kind of a caricature of itself, so we really don't want to do that."
Adam Brodsky
8 hours ago
How To...

How To Make A Classic Australian Bong

Gatorbeug shows VICE how to make the classic Australian bong in his Queensland HQ, where he creates products in the shape of Shane Warne, Nike Airmax TN's, Donald Trump, Vegemite.