Welcome to the Desert Where Nuclear Tests Melted Sand into Glass

Maralinga is a remote part of South Australia where the UK tested nuclear weapons during the Cold War.
Joe Patterson
an hour ago
Australia Today

Malindo Air Crew Have Been Smuggling Drugs into Australia for Years, Police Allege

Investigators believe the Malaysian airline's attendants may have smuggled in at least $21 million worth of drugs over five years.
Gavin Butler
3 hours ago
Moon garden

The First Plants to Grow on the Moon Are Already Dead

Cotton sprouts grew for about one week in a biosphere brought to the Moon by China’s Chang’e-4 mission.
Becky Ferreira
3 hours ago
Views My Own

Catholic Priests Keep Saying They Forgot About Sex Abuse

They seem to be the only people who cannot keep track of this crisis.
Alex Norcia
3 hours ago

How to Rent Friends in Japan

We hit up Family Romance, a company that specializes in “people for rent,” to help throw VICE’s Kumpei Kuwamoto a wild birthday party—or at least what looked like one online.

We Made a Dildo with Aldi's 3D Printer

Artisanal dildo makers just got a hot new rival.
Michael Segalov
3 hours ago

Al-Shabaab militants kill 14 people in a hotel siege in Nairobi

"We can confirm that 14 innocent lives were lost through the hands of these murderous terrorists."
Tim Hume
9 hours ago

'The Genie and the Enigma,' Today's Comic by Alex Krokus

Three friends get their wishes granted and an unlikely mystery man intrigues a bear on a bench in this funny comic by Alex Krokus.
Alex Krokus
9 hours ago

When I Get Hurt in a Dream, My Body Feels it Even After I Wake Up

"I dreamed that a swarm of bees or wasps attacked my feet. When I woke up, my feet were burning and tingly. It was very painful.”
Crystal Ponti
9 hours ago

I Went Sex Toy Shopping in India

In a country where sex toys are largely taboo and closely regulated, we set out to meet the folks who buy and sell them—from a street vendor to a group of everyday, sex-positive women.

ISIS just claimed what may be the deadliest attack on U.S. forces in Syria

“The caliphate has crumbled and ISIS has been defeated,” said Vice President Mike Pence, just hours after the deadly attack.
Tim Hume
9 hours ago
The Off the Deep End Issue

How an Inventor Lost Almost Everything in His Hunt for the Perfect Weapon

An amateur gunsmith claims to have built a mechanism that eliminated recoil from firearms—which is impossible.
Julian Morgans
new year new me

Here's How Long It'll Take You to Fuck Up Your New Year's Resolutions

If you haven't already, that is.
Lauren O'Neill
a day ago
Minority Reports

The Rise of Asian Rap Culture with Rich Brian, 88rising, and $tupid Young

We met up with some of the biggest names in Asian hip-hop to find out why they got into the genre and what challenges they've faced while creating space for themselves as hip-hop's newest minorities.