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I Sting Myself With Bees 3 Times a Week

“I pick up the tweezers one at a time—a bee squirming at the end of each pair—and press it to my back, waiting for its burning sting.”
Lauren Rothman
15 hours ago

Avocados Are Not Vegan, Argues BBC TV Show Host

Big if true.
Lauren Rothman

How to Cook, Snack, and Shop in the Age of Seriously Scary Climate Change

You may be feeling helpless, but here are seven things you can start doing today to shrink your carbon footprint.
Lauren Rothman

Men Are Embarrassed to Order Vegetarian Food, British Study Finds

"Cultural expectations run deep, and we often view men as the butchers and the barbecuers."
Lauren Rothman

The Avocado Black Market Is So Bad in New Zealand that There Are Waitlists to Buy Trees

Earlier this year, the price of a single avocado in New Zealand peaked at NZ$7, or about $4.60 USD.
Lauren Rothman

Crab Shells Could Become the Plastic of the Future

Researchers have found that instead of going into the garbage, crab shells could be going into a new form of biodegradable packaging.
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Cadbury’s Crowd-Sourced Chocolate Bar Contest Is a Prime Target for Trolls

Cross your fingers that we don't end up with a banana-tarragon-mustard candy bar.
Lauren Rothman

Meet the 'Water Witcher' Who Is Helping California Farmers Deal with Drought

California's severe drought is making desperate farmers creative. Many are seeking help from water witches or "dowsers"—people who use tree branches to tap into energy fields below the surface of the land—to locate groundwater. I spoke with one to see...
Lauren Rothman

Even Putin Thinks the Drugs We Give to American Livestock Are Bad News

Eighty percent of American meat producers use ractopamine, a drug that’s added to livestock feed to accelerate the animals' weight gain, resulting in cardiovascular stress, seizures, and hyperactivity. It's so sketchy, even Putin has banned this...
Lauren Rothman

A Biotech Company Has Developed a GMO Apple That Doesn't Brown

The first non-oxidizing apple, named "Arctic Apple," whose flesh doesn't brown when exposed to air, is stirring up international controversy because the GMO fruit is spliced with an antibiotic gene.
Lauren Rothman

Bugs Are Nutritious, So We Should Eat Them All

We spoke with a successful entrepreneur about her bug-based baking company and why she believes insects are the future of food. Eighty percent of the world regularly consumes critters; every year, Americans unwittingly ingest two pounds of them. Pass...
Lauren Rothman

There's Still Time to Stop the Fish Apocalypse

In 2006, marine biologist Boris Worm projected that the global fish apocalypse would occur in 2048. I checked in with him to see if he still believes that the fate of the world’s seafood supply is totally screwed.
Lauren Rothman