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This Pennsylvania School Gave Its Teachers Tiny Baseball Bats to Stop Shooters

A surefire deterrent against a domestic terrorist with a semi-automatic rifle.
Drew Schwartz
the simpsons

'Homer at the Bat' Is the Best Episode of The Simpsons Ever

It's been 25 years since the ep went to air and The Simpsons truly found itself.
Patrick Marlborough

A Surgery Goes Wrong in This Week's Comic by Julian Glander

Everyone makes mistakes.
Julian Glander
The VICE Guide to Right Now

José Canseco Is Dressing Up Like a Woman for a Week to Support Caitlyn Jenner

"I'm talking about full everything."
River Donaghey

This Is What Baseball Looks Like from Outer Space

Astronaut Terry Virtz’s wants you to 'guess that MLB city' in his photos from the International Space Station.
Sami Emory
The Outta My Way, I’m Walking Here Issue

My Love Affair with Luxury Cars and a Professional Baseball Player

How did I end up behind the wheel of a $140,000 Maserati that had just smashed into a pair of parked cars?
Gemma Sieff

Revisiting the Greatest LSD-Aided Athletic Performance of All Time

A new film tells the story of Dock Ellis, a pitcher who fought the baseball establishment, partied harder than anyone else in the sport, and supposedly threw a no-hitter while tripping on acid.
Mike Pearl
The Blobby Boys & Friends

Cute Boys Alert

Kristoff is trying to make it in comics and animation, but his jealousy of his successful peers gets in the way. Featuring some insidery references you may not get!
Alex Schubert
The Blobby Boys & Friends


The Blobby Boys are breaking up, so they're looking to other forms of employment—like playing for the Kansas City Royals.
Alex Schubert
Ask A Lawyer

Does the Fatty Cow Suing ESPN Have a Case?

The internet collectively pointed and laughed at a sleepy fat man on Monday, when news broke that he was suing MLB, ESPN, and two commentators for $10 million. This got us wondering whether this "symbol of failure" has a snowball's chance in hell of...
Jonathan Smith

I Helped Division I Athletes Cheat in College

For years, I willingly did the economics homework for a number of student athletes. To this day, I don't regret it. Helping them cheat doesn't seem any more unethical than forcing them to learn about how "great" capitalism is in the first place.
Mike Abu

A Kid Got Suspended from School for Refusing to Recite the Pledge of Allegiance

This week: A kid growing his hair for a cancer charity got kicked off his baseball team, and another kid got suspended from school for refusing to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete