• Everything I've Learned About Sex

    We put together a compendium of carnal knowledge to help you navigate the topsy-turvy landscape of today’s dynamic fuckvironment. You're welcome.

  • Why Are Historians So Afraid of Fucking?

    Last month, archaeologists on the Greek island of Ithaca found a couple of dicks etched into a cliff face at the Bay of Vathy. Aside from their age, what made the finding unique was the archeologists' willingness to openly discuss the sexual aspect of...

  • The Fight for Baby Foreskin Hits the Streets

    Anti-circumcision activists have a snazzy new propaganda mobile.

  • Groin Gazing

    Hi everyone, here is a fashion shoot starring boners. Photos by Claire Milbrath. Styling by Mila Franovic.

  • Your ADHD Meds Might Give You a Life-Threatening Erection

    The FDA issued a warning today that a small number of the 5% of young boys who have been diagnosed with ADHD are at risk for priapism, aka: boners that won't go away.

  • A Quicky with Farrah Abraham and Chris Nieratko

    I am no longer a hoarder. As a child I amassed thousands of comic books. In my teenage years it was 'Star Wars' toys. In my 20s I sought out old, classic skateboards. Then I turned 30, got married, had kids, and realized I don’t care to have crap...