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[NSFW] Sophie Ebrard Spent Four Years Taking Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Porn Shoots

"Pornstar" is really just a job, anyway.

Leander Roet

Forget 4K, Lose Yourself in a Stunning 10K Timelapse of Brazil

Zoom into a Rio favela in super-high definition in this glorious video by Joe Capra.

Emerson Rosenthal

These Machines Will Teach You to Draw Whether You Like It Or Not

We might not be able to mainline judo like 'The Matrix,' anytime soon, but Saurabh Datta's machines could help you learn to play the piano by hijacking muscle memory.

Emerson Rosenthal

7 Hidden Art Secrets That Were Uncovered With Technology

From da Vinci to Rembrandt, here are the invisible details hidden inside history's most famous artworks.

Sophia Callahan

An Experience at the Heart of Nuclear Annihilation

Sydney's immersive film, music, and art experience 'the bomb,' takes mutually assured destruction seriously.

VICE Staff

How Plants Warn Each Other When They're Under Attack

A new installation explores the defence mechanisms nature has evolved to survive its greatest threat yet: humans.

Liberty Lawson

The Beguiling Outsider Art of Susan Te Kahurangi King

After 50 years of relative obscurity, the prolific self-taught New Zealand artist has finally earned the international attention she deserves.

Sami Emory

Making Art From the Decaying Suburban Dream

Australian artist Ian Strange photographs the foreclosed homes of Ohio's Rust Belt.

Patrick Marlborough

Curating Africa Beyond the Clichés

A new exhibition seeks to bring contemporary African art to the fore—and there's not a tribal mask to be seen.

Patrick Marlborough

MIFF Tickets Are On Sale Today, Here's What to See

Our local and international picks.

Liberty Lawson

Immersive Installation Explores Sleep Culture and Insomnia

With pink light and pillows, artist Matthew Bird curates the perfect night’s sleep.

Liberty Lawson

Mona's David Walsh Unveils Plans for New Hotel

Spend a night at the Museum of Old and New Art.

Liberty Lawson