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This Is What a City Without Drinking Water Looks Like

A dying river and a legal dispute between two states have left the residents of Delhi water-strapped for years.
Vijay Pandey

Dead Cats and Bare Bums at Bucharest's Main Water Supply

How many nearby animal carcasses is too many, exactly?
Eli Driu
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Town in Canada Had Hot Pink Water Coming Out of Its Taps

Local officials said the water was fine to drink, but no one would blame the citizens for not wanting to brew coffee with the Pepto-tinted liquid.
Brian Moylan

The Olympics Are Going to Be a Literal Shitshow

"Levels of sewage that have been released into the environment in Rio is so high that the likelihood of infection is imminent."
Stacey Colino
VICE Canada Reports

Canada's Waterless Communities: Neskantaga

In this episode, VICE heads to the remote Neskantaga First Nation in Northern Ontario where after 20 years under a boil water advisory, they have slipped down the federal government's priority list for safe drinking water from four to 19.
Hilary Beaumont
VICE Canada Reports

Canada's Waterless Communities: Shoal Lake 40

Canada has the world's second-largest supply of fresh water, but 169 First Nation communities have limited or no access to it.
Hilary Beaumont

A High School Pumped Reclaimed Sewage Water into a Drinking Fountain for More Than a Year

Luckily the level of dookie molecules in the water was relatively low.
Mike Pearl
The Do It Well and Leave Something Witchy Issue

A Giant Hole Is Swallowing a Town in Peru

Cerro de Pasco is an environmental and urban catastrophe thanks to the massive polymetal mine that sits in the middle of town.
Arthur Holland Michel

Voss Water Is Bullshit

"Voss" could be the name of a cult European fashion designer. It could be the name of a guy in an 80s synth-pop trio. But it's not. It's water—overpriced, overrated, bottled water.
Sam Briggs