2 days ago

The Best TikToks of the Week According to Me

I spend a troubling amount of time on the wildly-popular video app, TikTok. The least I can do is round up the best videos I saw this week.


India's First Farting Contest Wants to Judge How Loud and Melodic Your Stinker Is

A movement to free the fart and normalise the natural body process is becoming popular in Gujarat, with prizes being given to those whose farts are the loudest, longest and most musical.


This Photo of Drunk British People On NYE Is a Masterpiece

The first of a new video series, in which we go potentially too deep on some of the best images ever posted to the internet.


This Instagram Predicts What Rooms Smell Like with Frightening Accuracy

"Pringles, weed, axe body wash, alt-right grifter male nutrition powder, cheeseburger soup, discount dog food."


Lord, I Have a Broken Heart

When you stop drinking, you worry that no one will find you interesting ever again.


This Artist Makes Awards for Men Who Do the Absolute Minimum

The woman behind the hilarious @awardsforgoodboys Instagram is sick of letting all that fuckboy bullshit slide.


If Your Town Has a Goofy Sex Name, You're Getting Free Pornhub Premium

Do you live in Fucking, Horneytown, or Balls Creek? You're in luck!


Making People Eat Cinnamon Powder Is Still Funny

The Cinnamon Challenge is back baby!


Why Riding in the Boot of an Uber Is Hilarious and Important

News Corp just published an article titled "Uber craze: party teens hitching free rides in boots." Now, let's get a few things straight.


Brighton Is a Paradise

Not in the same way as Bristol, but a paradise nonetheless.


A Russian VFX Artist Added Explosions to Classic GIFs

Self-taught artist Patiffonka remixes GIFs with the firepower of Micheal Bay (and the bodily fluids of Rick and Morty).