jeremy bailey


Finally! You Can Be Pregnant in Virtual Reality

No morning sickness, no cramps, just a bun in the oven.


5 Experimental Video Artists to Keep an Eye On in 2016

Jeremy Bailey, Jillian Mayer + Lucas Leyva, Reed + Rader, Jon Rafman, and Jacolby Satterwhite give us their projections for the rest of this year.


50 Years of Media Art Collide in ‘Electronic Superhighway’

London’s Whitechapel Gallery exhibits computer and internet art by Nam June Paik, Cory Arcangel, Amalia Ulman, and more.


Parody Patent Drawings Highlight Silicon Valley Greed

Artist Jeremy Bailey showcases the absurd ideas he has patented in the new Whitechapel Gallery exhibition, 'Electronic Superhighway.'


Kickstarter Superheroes: the Less Important Portraits of Jeremy Bailey

Jeremy Bailey rewarded his top Kickstarter donors by making portraits of them using augmented reality technology that essentially turned them into digital Transformers and Mechwarriors.


A Kickstarter Campaign Where The Backers Become The Art Project

Jeremy Bailey takes his augmented reality madness to the next level.


The Future Of Television Is Multiple Channel Feeds Creating A Mask On Your Face

Jeremy Bailey presents his newest innovation on broadcast.