Microsoft Contractors Listened to Xbox Owners in Their Homes

Multiple contractors working for Microsoft explain how they listened to audio captured by Xbox consoles.


Become a Dust Particle in This VR Performance

Immersive VR piece 'Dust' brings the physicality of choreographed dance closer to the audience by making dancers float.


Experience a Ghostly “Symphony of Longing” in this Interactive VR Doc

The 3D spatial documentary tells the stories of the people who spent their days in a now-vanished town square in Tel Aviv.


Strings of Light Dance to Your Touch in This New Interactive Installation

New media artist ecco screen’s interactive light installation, 'strands,' debuted at the Next Art Night show in Los Angeles.


[Premiere] Virginia Woolf-Inspired Film Explores the Female Identity in Virtual Space

A woman's identity is as fluid as the line between the ocean and the beach.


Being Human and Being in Love Sucks in Wake Island's 'Kinect'-Rendered Video "Never Entirely There"

The Montreal band uses 3D imagery to capture love in a new way.


A War Survivor's Virtual Reality Film Brings the Terror of a Conflict Zone to Life

A new film called 'GIANT,' directed by Kosovo survivor Milica Zec, uses immersive tech to make you live out a terrifying tale.


Inside Sun Drug's Cutting Edge "Soaked" Music Video [Exclusive]

A lo-fi Wizard of Oz meets sweeping True Detective drone shots, dancey guitar riffs, and thumping drums.


Humans Get 3D-Scanned into N. Lannon's "Another Love" [Music Video]

Take a surreal trip to a spectacularly playful ocean planet in Michael Langan and Najeeb Tarazi's 3D-scanned music video for the San Rafael-based songwriter.


For Mysterious Minds, This Virtual Mecca Awaits

Artist and filmmaker Raphaël Moreira Gonçalves’s ‘Sfumato Memories’ marries late 70s sci-fi cinematography with a David Lynch vibe.


The Environment Is Your Playground in an Interactive 3D Ecosystem

For the New York Hall of Science's Great Hall Design I/O have created huge, complex interactive ecosystems where your actions affect the digital environment.


[Premiere] Projection Mapping Pasty Bodies in Sun Drug's "Wildman" Video

"Wildman" was literally "inspired by The Creators Project," so you know it's good.