Queer Clergy Tell Us What It's Like to Be Gay and a Christian Leader

"It's been difficult for many to accept that a gay person could become a high-ranking minister."
Sebastian Goddemeier
15 hours ago

Photos of the Bihar Pride Parade Show How Homophobic India Is Slowly Changing

The pride parade in Patna on July 14 had to swap the Pride Flag for the Transgender Pride Flag, but hundreds of people showed up to support the queer community.
Javed Sultan
2 days ago

Five Coming-of-Age Trans Movies That Changed My life

These movies, new and old, offensive and not, tell perspective-altering stories about growing up transgender.
Diana Tourjée
3 days ago

South Korean Military’s Anti-LGBTQ Law Fosters a Culture of Abuse

Amnesty International’s new report reveals disturbing evidence of violence and bullying towards gay and trans soldiers.
Meera Navlakha
3 days ago

We Asked Queer Indians How They First Learned About Sex

Porn, trial-and-error, Sidney Sheldon—LGBTQ+ youth tell us about their initiation into the world of sex and sexuality in a country where sex ed is either super-hetero or missing altogether.
Pallavi Pundir
4 days ago
Gay Pride

These Are the Radical Roots of British Gay Pride

The activists who started UK Pride are demanding a return to its revolutionary roots.
JS Rafaeli

How Homophobic Small Towns in India Celebrate Pride

In these conservative and orthodox pockets, LGBTQ communities find other ways to make their voices heard.
Pallavi Pundir

How I Lost Myself to India's Chemsex Scene and Overdosed, But Survived to Tell the Story

Inside the dark world of drug-fuelled sex parties where an increasing number of gay Indians want to feel belonged, drug abuse is more than just a health hazard.
Sadam Hanjabam

How Trans Inmates Are Getting Each Other Access to Treatment Inside

Through a grassroots letter-writing network, transgender inmates in Missouri are teaching each other how to demand the healthcare they need.
Pierre Bienaimé

Three Artists Tell Us What It’s Like To Be Queer, Muslim and Pakistani

Aziz Sohail, Abdullah Qureshi and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Jr are working together to give more visibility to the voices from the LGBTQ community of their country.
Pallavi Pundir

Photos of LGBTQ People's 'Chosen Families'

Throughout history, LGBTQ people have found sanctuary from discrimination in chosen families – kinship groups and communities bound by shared identity, not blood.
Zing Tsjeng
Australia Today

Israel Folau’s New Fundraiser with the Australian Christian Lobby Already has $400k

GoFundMe shut down Folau's fundraising campaign because it breached their terms of service. So the Australian Christian Lobby opened up one of their own.
Gavin Butler