When Myspace Was King, Employees Abused a Tool Called ‘Overlord’ to Spy on Users

Several employees were caught abusing the tool, which let them read users’ messages and passwords.
Joseph Cox

Authorities Need to Understand the Internet in Order to Police It

The Momo challenge is just one example of how much harm people who don't get technology can do.
Tom Whyman

Oli Sykes Doesn’t Care If You Love Him

From fronting a hated metalcore act to an adored stadium rock band, Sykes spoke to us about love/hate and the sixth Bring Me The Horizon album, 'amo'.
Hannah Ewens

Rest In Peace SCUZZ, the Best Rock TV Channel Ever

You (and the fact that you played "Sorry You're Not a Winner" by Enter Shikari in 2018) will be greatly missed.
Noisey UK Staff
Remembering Things

‘Jennifer’s Body’ Captured Myspace-Emo Camp in All Its Glory

Diablo Cody’s underrated cult classic turns nine this week – we look back on how it juggled bisexuality, desire and early 2000s mainstream emo.
Hannah Ewens
Remembering Things

“My Name’s Will Bevan”: 10 Years Since Burial’s Unmasking

A decade ago this month, Burial revealed his identity on MySpace – is it now impossible to have a secret one?
Kyle MacNeill

The Search for the Legendary Italian Musician Who Vanished into Thin Air

He was supposed to be the Bon Iver of Italy, but in 2013 he and his music disappeared without a trace. I tracked him down in Berlin five years later to find out why.
Enrico Pitzianti
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Rest in Peace, AOL Instant Messenger

We may have left it long ago for sleeker, younger chat apps, but that small yellow humanoid logo will always have a special place in our hearts.
River Donaghey
Holy Shit

Tyler, The Creator’s Original MySpace Page Featuring Six Songs From 2008 Has Emerged

Because we all love an origin story.
Lauren O'Neill
Deep Ass Questions

Are You Too Old to Love Taking Back Sunday’s 'Tell All Your Friends' Album?

When I was 14, everything sucked. Now I'm an adult, I have a mortgage. That's just what happens when you get old.
Devin Pacholik
Important Questions Raised By...

What Do Today's Teenagers Think About the Greatest Emo Hits of the 2000s?

I hit the streets to find out if the kids of today equate the defining angst anthems of my youth to someone's dad sticking Pink Floyd on.
Daisy Jones

An Ode to Zedd, the EDM Superstar Who Somehow Doesn’t Suck as a Person

He's one of the world's biggest DJs, but how much do you really know about Anton Zaslavski?
Maria Sherman