Some People Spend Up to 4 Hours a Day Lost in Their Imagination

The condition is referred to as 'maladaptive daydreaming.'
Emma Young
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Constantly Wondering if You're With 'The One' Could Be Relationship-OCD

Some people are consumed by the idea they might be with the "wrong" person, even when they deeply love their partner. Increasingly, experts are treating this fixation as a subtype of obsessive compulsive disorder.
Rebecca Kamm

Yes, I'm a Needy Woman

Even if I'm not allowed to be.
Madison Griffiths

I Keep Worrying I've Accidentally Killed People With My Mind

OCD isn't just thinking you've left the oven on.
Madison Griffiths
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No, Your Cat Is Not Making You Crazy

A new study found that a common parasite often spread by cats is not to blame for the development of mental health issues.
Anna Langston

I'm Obsessively Afraid That I Might Kill My Parents

Harm OCD is the obsessive fear of not being able to stop yourself from doing something terrible.
Octave Paradis

Living and Dealing with Body Dysmorphic Disorder

These two women have found an effective way to treat their BDD through art.
Michelle Olley
The Crown and Sceptre Issue

I Hired a Millennial Life Coach

I wanted to know why so many people in their 20s are entering the multibillion-dollar, nebulously defined life-coaching industry.
Amanda Shapiro
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How Video Games Helped Me Battle My OCD

Using video games to train those with obsessive-compulsive disorder can teach them that risks can be an adventure, and that you can't control everything save for how you react.
Christos Reid

Living with a Partner Who Has OCD Is Hell

Because of his OCD, my boyfriend won't touch anything he perceives as "dirty"—public door handles, chipped cups, even his own girlfriend.
Maya Rue Zemi
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Where Did My OCD Come From?

There's always been a big part of me that wanted to believe OCD is genetic, that my mom's DNA, rather than her behavior, gave me OCD. But I've realized that pointing the finger isn't that important when you want to get well.
Anonymous Author
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Anxiety Disorders and the Great Escape Video Games Can Provide

I spoke to the developer Matt Gilgenbach, who channelled his own OCD into <i>Neverending Nightmares</i>.
Joe Donnelly