Snapchat's Gender-Swapping Photo Filters Can Result in Real Transphobia

"There’s a fine line between encouraging people to take gender less seriously and not considering trans realities."
Serena Sonoma
social justice

Now Is Not The Time To Give Up On Political Correctness

A week in which real transphobia, sexism and antisemitism were in the headlines should come as a warning to those who think identity politics is student folly
Amelia Abraham
transgender athletes

A Girl in the Boys' Locker Room

I don't regret growing up as an athlete. But not everything about sports is healthy, and for me, as a transgender woman, the locker room was toxic.
Katelyn Burns

Stop Pretending Domestic Violence Only Affects Straight Couples

"I couldn't tell them [Hannah] was my partner... She made me sleep in the car while she had sex with my cousin."
Eliza Graves-Browne

Frank Ocean Has Reflected on the Orlando Shooting, Transphobia, and Homophobia in a New Post

“Many hate us and wish we didn’t exist.”
Noisey Staff

MAKE Is Fighting Against North Carolina's Bigoted HB2 Law with Doom Metal and Teamwork

With T-shirts, stickers, and an upcoming benefit show, members of North Carolina's heavy rock underground are taking a stand against hate.
Tina Haver Currin
Noisey News

Anohni Pens Take Down of Current Election In New Note "Americans, You Are Being Used"

"Once again, both parties goad us into becoming smokescreens for their insidious initiatives."
John Hill
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Owner of Sign Company Apologizes for Transphobic Caitlyn Jenner Sign, Invites Her to Stay at His House

"Cait is more then welcome to stay at my house with my family any time. I will have a wine or a beer with her quite happily and it would be an honour." ['sic']
Wendy Syfret
VICE Canada Reports

The Struggles of One Black Trans Man

We spoke with Toronto filmmaker Lucah Rosenberg-Lee, who explores transphobia, sexism, and racism in his new documentary.
Manisha Krishnan

There's a Lack of LGBTI Peer Support Services for Australia's Indigenous Population

Massive levels of homophobia and transphobia are blocking services to the community, especially young people.
Paul Gregoire

Oppressive Office Dress Codes Need to Go

Dress codes disproportionately target not just teenage girls in school, but people of color, LGBTQ students, and overweight people.
Septembre Anderson
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Laura Jane Grace Talks with Fan About Transphobic Assault in the Punk Community

Stephanie McCarthy says she was assaulted while watching the Against Me! frontwoman play "Transgender Dysphoria Blues," of all things.
Laura Jane Grace