Planting ‘Billions of Trees’ Isn’t Going to Stop Climate Change

A popular study claims that reforestation could fix climate change, but is that true?
Madeleine Gregory
Sarah Emerson
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Snoop Dogg Makes Shocking Botanical Discovery in Martha Stewart's Driveway

"Somebody tell me what this is. A who? That's a pine cone?"
Drew Schwartz
Eve's Week In the Woods

Nature Is Not as Beautiful as Instagram

Does nature actually suck? Eve Peyser investigates.
Eve Peyser
climbing trees

Notes From Australia’s Big Tree Climbing Comp

We watched the world’s best arborists clamber for gold.
Jed Smith

Hundreds of Colourful Painted Trees Protest Illegal Logging in Romania

Mihai Topescu and a team of volunteers are covering the Dumbrava Forest in all the colors of the rainbow.
Nathaniel Ainley

Liquid Wood? That's What This Stop-Motion Animation Looks Like

'WoodSwimmer,' by Brett Foxwell, looks like a timelapse but was made by hand.
Beckett Mufson
Projection Mapping

Endangered Animal Species Get Projection-Mapped Onto Mexico City’s Trees

To raise awareness about habitat destruction, motion graphics studio Maizz Visual projected animated animal heads onto trees at Mexico City’s Parque España.
DJ Pangburn
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This Wind Chime Is Tearing a Brooklyn Neighborhood Apart

The tree it hangs from became home to what one neighbor called a "wall of passive aggression."
Drew Schwartz

What Do Palm Trees, Lightning, and a Flattened Chicken Have in Common?

For starters, Berlin-based artist Julius von Bismarck spent the last few years in a South American jungle firing aluminum rockets into raging thunderstorms.
Kevin Holmes
nature photography

These Poetic Photograms Were Made in Total Darkness in Nature

Klea McKenna's tactile photograms of the natural landscape tell stories of growth, interrupted.
Noémie Jennifer
Botanical Art

A Massive Bonsai Tree Brings "A New Stage of Beauty" to the Top of a Mountain

An intrepid bonsai climbs a snowy mountain in botanical artist Azuma Makoto's latest surreal installation.
Beckett Mufson
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A Storm Wrecked California's Iconic Tunnel Tree

This past weekend's storm brought down the state's Pioneer Cabin Tree, which has stood for centuries.
VICE Staff