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Perth Zoo Is Rolling Out Drug Tests to Stop Staff From Getting High

A survey found that nearly one in five employees at the zoo had witnessed illicit drug use while at work.
Gavin Butler
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So, Why Does Everyone Hate Russ?

Everyone seems to hate Russ. But, why though?
Kristin Corry
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Pissed Kiwi Breaks Into Zoo, Gets Bashed By Tiny Monkeys

The 23-year-old copped a broken leg, two fractured teeth, a sprained ankle, and multiple bruises.
Gavin Butler
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10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Zookeeper

"Not all zookeepers like animals. If you really loved animals, you wouldn't want to see them locked up."
Deborah Seymus

Government Investigating After Zoo Takes Bear Through Drive-Thru

Some buzzkill experts are saying you shouldn’t feed bears ice cream but what do they know?
Mack Lamoureux
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Watch This Gorilla Hopelessly Swipe for Love Like the Rest of Us

He waves through his potential suitors like some kind of Tinder lothario.
Drew Schwartz
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Love Is Dead, and So Is the Penguin Who Fell for a Cardboard Cutout

"Thank you, Grape-kun, for all this time. Rest peacefully in heaven.“
Drew Schwartz

All the Crazy Stuff Happening in Zoos That the Public Doesn't Know About

Monkeys escaping, frozen rat puppet shows and rearing big cats at home: these are zookeepers' weirdest stories.
Hannah Ewens
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Someone Is Trying to Sell a Zoo on Craigslist

"Only 350K !!!"
Anna Langston
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A Parisian Artist Draws Where’s Waldo-esque Labyrinths Full of Robots

Theo Guignard draws labyrinths full of automatons, animals, and abstracted humans.
Beckett Mufson

Turns Out Wearing a Hi-Vis Vest Gets You Into Everything for Free

A hi-vis vest is your key to the world. Free visits to the zoo, the movies, and even free access to see my favourite awesome band, Coldplay.
David Allegretti
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A Chilean Man Tried to Feed Himself to the Lions

Now the lions are dead. Great job guy.
Carlton Férment