Canadian far-right extemism

Alberta Muslim Council Urges Three Percenters Militia To Be Placed On Terror List

Following the Christchurch massacre the Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council say the time for platitudes is over and it's now time for concrete action.
Mack Lamoureux
9 hours ago
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Watch This Extremely Pure Clip of Keanu and Alex Winter Announcing 'Bill & Ted 3'

Party on, old dudes!
River Donaghey
9 hours ago

Surrey Man Allegedly Punched North Vancouver Soccer Mom in the Face at Game

Parents later surrounded the man’s car so he couldn’t escape.
Manisha Krishnan
11 hours ago
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Actually, Cellphones Can be a Good Thing in the Classroom

My high school was paperless. Instead of banning cellphones, why don’t we work to create an engaging classroom environment?
Sherina Harris
11 hours ago
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The Dramatic True Stories Behind the Film 'Firecrackers'

Jasmin Mozaffari’s new film ‘Firecrackers’ tells the story of two young friends, Lou and Chantal, who are trying to break out of their small town. VICE's Hilary Beaumont finds out what life was like for Mozaffari when she was her characters' age.
music festivals

Jay-Z, Janelle Monae, and Other Reasons Woodstock 2019 Might Not Be Disastrous

The festival's 50th anniversary has a lot of past chaos to make up for, but is starting out strong with a stacked lineup.
Taylor Hosking
10 hours ago
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Watch Sansa Stark from 'GoT' Hit the Dab and Chug Wine on a Jumbotron

Just give her the Iron Throne already.
River Donaghey
11 hours ago

The 19 Types of Instagram Like

Understanding what we like, and why.
Joel Golby
12 hours ago
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Someone in China Just Spent $1.4 Million on a Pigeon

This beats the previous record price set for a pigeon, and reminds us all that the world is stupid.
Edoardo Liotta
12 hours ago
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South Korea Trials Lazers on Road Crossings to Distract People From Their Phones

The country has one of the highest rates of pedestrian fatalities in the developed world.
Edoardo Liotta
12 hours ago

The Eight Most Important Things in the Federal Budget For Young People

Here’s Justin Trudeau’s attempt to win back millennials in the 2019 election.
Anne Gaviola
a day ago
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The Teaser for Tarantino's 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' Is Fun as All Hell

Did Tarantino make a zany buddy comedy about the Manson murders?
River Donaghey
12 hours ago
gun violence

Young People from Utrecht Tell Us How They Experienced the Recent Shooting

It's still unclear what the gunman's motives were.
Sona Boker
14 hours ago
How To Treat X

How to Treat Flight Attendants, According to Flight Attendants

Veteran flight attendants discuss the do’s and don’ts of how they prefer to be treated. Pro-tip: Just be nice.