'Us' Opening Weekend Proves the Black Community Has Jordan Peele's Back

The film killed its opening night at the box office, as fans show support for a director that's been ramping up his nods to black culture.
Taylor Hosking
20 hours ago
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Petco Lets 'All Leashed Pets' in Its Stores, So a Couple Brought—Wait What

Allow us to introduce you to Oliver, a 1,600-pound African Watusi.
River Donaghey
20 hours ago

Time Is Everything

It determines more about your life than anything except money, and obviously “time” and “money” give each other meaning, value, and possibility.
Kate Carraway
21 hours ago

Phone Photos from the Anti-Government Revolt in Algeria

The protests have successfully ousted the country's 82-year-old leader. Sort of.
Louis Dabir
21 hours ago
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The First Openly Married Couple to Work at a Legal Brothel

VICE meets two married women work in the same brothel as sex workers.

I Went to a Weed Wedding Expo and Helped Stoners Plan Their Dream Wedding

Now that weed is legal, a lot of couples want it to be a part of their big day.
Manisha Krishnan
a day ago

Humboldt Driver Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison For Crash That Killed 16

Jaskirat Singh Sidhu pleaded guilty last year for his role in the Humboldt Broncos bus crash.
Rachel Browne
a day ago

Justin Trudeau's New Home-Buying Incentive Won't Help the People Who Need It Most

Economists say what’s proposed in the federal budget isn’t going to cut it in the hottest markets.
Anne Gaviola
a day ago

The Elaborate, Dying Art of Hustling for Money at Dave & Buster's

Once able to earn $100 an hour farming endless jackpots, times have changed for this dying breed of gamer.
Justin Caffier
a day ago
2020 election

Joe Biden's Problem: A Lot of Democrats Already Hate His Guts

The former vice president is leading in extremely early 2020 polls, but the party's progressive activists are dreading his candidacy.
Eoin Higgins
a day ago

Jordan Peterson’s ‘12 Rules’ Book Pulled From New Zealand Shelves Following the Christchurch Mosque Shootings

An email sent out by a national bookstore in New Zealand said the decision to pull the book came “in light of some extremely disturbing material."
Mack Lamoureux
a day ago

Dave Merheje On His New Hulu Show ‘Ramy’ and Arab Representation on TV

We spoke to the Juno-winning comedian about Arab-Americans finally seeing a relatable funny coming-of-age show.
Samar Warsi
a day ago
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The Fraught History of Dissociative Identity Disorder

The condition was formerly known as “multiple personality disorder,” and the medical field is still in disagreement on whether it's real. But does "real" matter when a diagnosis can help?
VICE Staff
a day ago
Daily VICE

Reaping the Rewards of a Squirrel Inheritance

A big inheritance can mean the difference between winning and losing in life, especially for squirrels. We find out how it happens and why squirrels aren't so different from humans after al