Meet Brad, the Guy Keeping Your Vibrator Safe from Hackers

With his Internet of Dongs Project, RenderMan, a.k.a. Brad Haines, is dead set on protecting smart sex toys.
Mark Hay
2 hours ago

People Don't Understand Serena Williams's Controversial 'GQ' Cover

Some are calling it racist and transphobic, but there's more nuance to take into consideration.
Mikelle Street
an hour ago

Ontario Could See Hundreds of Weed Stores Open in April

New regulations state operators will be allowed to open a maximum of 75 stores each.
Manisha Krishnan
4 hours ago
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The Viral Homeless Vet GoFundMe That Raised $400K Was Allegedly a Scam

This story just keeps getting more messed up.
River Donaghey
4 hours ago
Social Media

I Followed Teen Instagrammers’ Advice for a Week

‘Thread accounts’ are the new ‘Tiger Beat’ so I followed as many as I could.
Ebony-Renee Baker
4 hours ago

No Goalie Has More Swag Than Marc-Andre Fleury

The Vegas Golden Knights' fashion icon wore gold pads for the first time in a game and naturally got a shutout.
Kyle Cantlon

Six Essential Comics by Stan Lee You Need to Read

The comic legend died this week. Here's his most important work and why you need to get into it.
Cameron Glover
5 hours ago
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Watch Stan Lee's Heartfelt Final Message to His Fans

"I love my fans. I cannot tell you how much I love my fans."
Beckett Mufson
6 hours ago

A Former Cult Member Explains How He Escaped

We sat down with Steven Hassan, a former cult member turned expert on the subject, to hear how he broke away from the Unification Church back in the 1970s.
VICE Staff
9 hours ago
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A Boy Was Allegedly Sexually Assaulted With a Broomstick at Posh Private School

St. Michael's College School in Toronto has cancelled its junior football season after video of the incident went public.
Mack Lamoureux
7 hours ago

Why Straight Men Hate Astrology So Much

"It stops being an interest and becomes a personality trait: 'I'm an astrology girl.'"
Hannah Ewens
9 hours ago

All The Dating Apps, Ranked By How Badly They'll Disappoint You

If you use The League, you're a Tory.
Helen Meriel Thomas
10 hours ago