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Civil Liberties

Toronto police are in court following largest arrests in Canadian history

Trial over searches during G20 protests has profound impacts on "racial profiling, police bias and overreach," says civil liberties group.
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Police under investigation following the deaths of two Indigenous people in Ontario town

The Ontario Special Investigations Unit is looking into the deaths in Timmins as the mayor calls for calm.
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indigenous rights

Putting Canada’s violent history in storage

Halifax votes to temporarily remove a controversial statue of city founder Edward Cornwallis while it figures out how to celebrate Indigenous history.
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electric cars

A small town in Quebec could power the next wave of electric cars

But proposals for a massive nickel and cobalt mine in northern Quebec have environmentalists worried.
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Social Media

What does it take to make a living on social media?

Instagram accounts under 50,000 followers can earn up to $2,000 per post
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Northern mining

Canada's north has some of the world’s “most charitable” royalty rules for mining firms

“There’s no reason why everybody there shouldn’t be living like they live in Dubai”
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Getting a full-time job is not the ultimate goal for these freelancers

“I wouldn’t trade any amount of money for my freedom.”
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Canadian mining

Mining companies forced to become more transparent

New data showing how much companies like Barrick Gold give back to countries they mine in is now available online
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price gouging

Why I opted for an American cell phone plan

Canadians are still getting screwed over by our cell phone providers, so I decided to see what America had to offer
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side hustle


What to watch out for if you’re thinking of getting into the ethically-questionable world of multi-level marketing
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How People In Toronto Are Fighting Back Against Growing Neo-Nazi and Fascist Groups

For some Torontonians, yelling at people online just won't cut it anymore.
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Not Everyone Is Happy About Green Energy

With Canada nowhere close to reaching its 2020 emission-reduction goals, the future for achieving climate change benchmarks is bleak. With green-energy initiatives providing the bulk of Canada's significant reductions, you'd think it'd be the clear...
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