secret societies

Why I Joined a Secret Society That Branded Me

A former member of a Nxivm women's group responds to those who called her blind and stupid for submitting to mutilation.
Sarah Edmondson
march sadness

Watch Albany React in Disbelief When They Learn They're Playing UConn in NCAA Tournament

The Albany women have made the NCAA tournament for the sixth straight year, but it is almost surely going to be a quick trip.
Sean Newell

Inside the Movement to Stop the Oil Industry's 'Bomb Trains'

Activists say that carrying oil on trains leads to far too many explosions, derailments, and disasters.
Peter Moskowitz

How Some Cities Are Helping Drug Offenders Instead of Arresting Them

A genuine alternative to the war on drugs is closer than you might think.
Camille Pendley

Sitting in on the Corruption Trials of Two of New York's Most Powerful Politicians

For the past few weeks, New Yorkers have had a rare privilege: They've been able to watch not one, but two legislative leaders fight federal charges in court.
John Surico

Does New York Need a Public Terrorist Registry?

Forget a repeat sex offender—you may have an Islamic State sympathizer living nearby!
John Surico

One of the Most Powerful Politicians in New York Just Got Arrested for Corruption

On Thursday, Sheldon Silver, who has been state assembly speaker for two decades, turned himself in to the FBI.
Matt Taylor

Attending a Crime-Writing Convention: "New York State of Crime"

Last year’s crime-fiction convention was held in Cleveland, Ohio. This year’s convention was hosted in Albany, New York, which is fitting: compared with the rest of the US, the crime rate here is more than double.
Shane Jones

Judging Nite Moves' Artistic Merit in the Flesh

There is a gentleman’s entertainment venue on the outskirts of Albany called Nite Moves that has been in the news recently for fighting the New York State Tax Tribunal. The Tribunal claims the club does not host dancing of fine artistic merit, and...
John Figlesthaler