Adventure YouTubers Died Trying to Save Girlfriend From Waterfall

Megan Scraper, Ryker Gamble, and Alexey Lyakh—the latter two members of High On Life SundayFundayz—were swept over a BC waterfall.
Mack Lamoureux

The Blogger Who Took on ISIS

"Obviously I was scared that ISIS would find out where I was and kill me, but I was more worried about the horrible things they would do to my family."
Moustafa Saadoun

Earn money! See the world!

A flight attendant, cruise ship musician, and english teacher share their stories of living out of a suitcase
Kate Fane
A Year of Lil Wayne

A Year of Lil Wayne: "A Milli"

Welcome to a new blog series about the greatest rapper of all time, starting with his best song.
Kyle Kramer

This 25-Year-Old Cancer Patient Is Live Blogging His Death

Dmitrij Panov details his life with stage 4 cancer on his blog "Dying With Swag."
Stefanie Diemand

I Went to a Female Blogger Conference to Learn More About the Career I Accidentally Fell Into

I've never felt a passionate desire to express my "truth" to a wide audience, or to monetize said truth. I just met a guy at an awful open mic years ago, he became an editor at this website, and the rest was herstory.
Megan Koester

Meet Bruce Baskin, the Bedroom Blogger of Mexican Baseball

Bruce Baskin writes such vividly detailed accounts of Mexican League games that you feel like you're there. But he does it from his home office in Washington State—far from the border, let alone any of the stadiums hosting the action he describes.
David Mark Simpson

Living as a 'Digital Nomad' Is Like One Super-Long Vacation

A growing number of people who can do their jobs from laptops are realizing they don't have to be burdened with a permanent "home."
David Jagneaux
electronic pop

Goldroom is a Beach-Tinted Songwriter, But Don’t Label Him Tropical House

"I could write a song that's as good as 'Free Fallin'' or 'Wonderwall,' then I can die happy."
Rachael D’Amore
Photo School

How Paddy Johnson Built a One-Person Blog into a Mainstay of the New York Art Scene

We talked to the critic about the etiquette and economics of blogging, and why she doesn't care about street art.
Matthew Leifheit
Holy Shit

Stream Parkay Quarts' New Record 'Content Nausea' in Its Entirety

How much do you, as a millennial, love content? (This record is by Parquet Courts, by the way.)
Eric Sundermann
Internet Exploring

Kanye West, the Blogger: Remembering, the Brilliantly Insane Blog of Yeezus

Before he ranted to Jimmy Kimmel, he ranted with his keys.