Broken Social Scene


Canadian Indie Music Icons Are Turning to Theatre

Members of Broken Social Scene and Billy Talent are producing plays in hopes of connecting to a less-smartphone connected audience.


Embrace Friends and Classic Rock in Broken Social Scene's "Skyline" Video

Shouts out to the city of Toronto and the band Foreigner.


Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene Struggle to Remain Sane in an Unfair World

Both bands' respective new albums represent a symbolic yin and yang that showcase contrasting viewpoints on how to deal with the social and political downturn of today.


New Broken Social Scene Video Features a Toilet, a Metaphor for the Ages

But whom is flushing the entertainers away?


You Need to Check Out Haim, 'A Ghost Story,' and More This Weekend

Gritty documentaries, Canadian indie rock reunions, and a little bit of lighthearted TV, too.


The Eternal Optimism of Broken Social Scene

Returning after seven years with 'Hug of Thunder,' Kevin Drew, Brendan Canning, and Charles Spearin share how they're trying to remain hopeful.


Repent! Rejoice! Exult! Here’s a New Broken Social Scene Song!

"Skyline" is the third track from 'Hug of Thunder,' an album which will probably sound like a hug of thunder.


Johnny Marr and Broken Social Scene Paid Homage to Manchester Last Night

"What's most important is tonight we're here together, all of us."


Feist and Broken Social Scene Give Us All a "Hug of Thunder" On New Song

What does a hug of thunder sound like, you ask? Well, something like this.


A Completely Biased Ranking of the 60 Best Canadian Indie Rock Songs of the 00s Part II

Apparently, Broken Social Scene and The Wu-Tang Clan aren't so different


Broken Social Scene Return with “Halfway Home,” Bring the Whole Crew to Play it on 'Colbert'

The sorely missed Canadian troupe swelled to include Emily Haines and James Shaw of Metric, and Amy Millan and Evan Cranely of Stars.


Smalltown DJs Partner with Broken Social Scene's Lisa Lobsinger on an Escapist New Single

"Erased The Night" is a lush, 80s-indebted collaboration out today on Fool's Gold.