Meth-related deaths are rising across Canada

A VICE News analysis shows an increase in overdose deaths linked to meth, and police seizures of the stimulant over the last five years.

Rachel Browne

BC Has Launched a Class Action Lawsuit Against Opioid Makers

Oxycontin producer Purdue Pharma is one of 40 defendants accused of driving up health costs.

Sarah Berman

How a Sober Partying Movement Emerged From Canada's Opioid Crisis

Party4Health wants to use “partying as a positive social force.”

Allison Tierney

Former BC Health Minister Warns Ontario a New Opioid Disaster Is Coming

Something worse than fentanyl is making its way east, Terry Lake says.

Travis Lupick

Canada's Biggest Health Board Calls for Drugs to be Decriminalized

The move comes amid a record-breaking number of opioid-related deaths across the country.

Allison Tierney

Drug Users Want to Lead Victoria’s Opioid Crisis Battle

Give us more money, say peer-run harm reduction groups like SOLID.

Tyler Hooper

The Opioid Crisis Is Mostly Killing Men, New Stats Show

Public health experts aren’t sure why the gender split on Canadian opioid-related deaths grew even wider in 2017.

Allison Tierney

Scenes From a Small Community Grappling With the Overdose Crisis

Photos from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, where an estimated five people overdose a day.

Allison Tierney

‘Everybody’s Dying’: What It’s Like to Struggle With Addiction in 'The Soo'

We meet Kylie, 20, who almost died from an overdose last year in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

Allison Tierney

How the Opioid Crisis Is Different in Small Communities

Meet Desiree Beck, who, until recently, was the sole harm reduction worker for a 50,000-square-kilometre area of northern Ontario.

Allison Tierney

New Initiative Helps Dealers Protect Customers from Fentanyl-Laced Drugs

Harm reduction workers in Toronto are giving dealers tips on how to avoid contaminating their supply.

Allison Tierney

The Secret Housing Program Giving Safe Drugs to Addicted Residents

Vancouver’s Portland Hotel Society has been quietly running an opioid substitution program for more than a year.

Travis Lupick