Canadian Security Intelligence Service

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Canada’s spy agency is sounding the alarm over state-sponsored espionage

It’s the first time since 2001 that CSIS has declared espionage and foreign interference greater threats than terrorism when it comes to the economy.
Rachel Browne
Steven Zhou

Canada will start reporting when it uses intelligence obtained through torture

New rules on intelligence sharing will limit how Ottawa requests and discloses information that may have been tainted by torture or mistreatment.
Justin Ling
national security

A lawsuit alleges Canada’s spy service rejected job applicants because their names sound “Muslim”

The lawsuit alleges Islamophobia, sexism, and homophobia run rampant through CSIS
Rachel Browne

Canada’s main spy agency refuses to say whether it thinks Russia is interfering in Canadian politics

VICE News tried to obtain documents relating to Moscow’s meddling in Ottawa. We were shot down.
Justin Ling
Under wraps

Documents confirm CSIS didn’t tell the Trudeau government about its illegal metadata program

CSIS was running a metadata collection program that a court ruled was illegal, and the Trudeau government didn't even know about it
Justin Ling
Big Brother

Canada's spies may have kept the Trudeau government in the dark about their main intelligence database

CSIS says it doesn't have any record of briefing the government about its secretive Operational Data Analysis Centre
Justin Ling

Trudeau government says it didn't know about illegal Canadian spy program

Justin Ling

The Guy Who Oversees Canada’s Cyberspy Agency Is Cash-Strapped and Worried

The Commissioner for the Communications Security Establishment says he's concerned he doesn't have the resources to oversee Canada's NSA.
Justin Ling

Inside Canada’s Five-Year-Long Anti-Terror Investigation of a Group of Quebec Communists

Quebec investigators have searched, bugged, and infiltrated a group of Quebec communists: and they have nothing to show for it.
Nora T. Lamontagne and Justin Ling