Audio: Prep School CEO Threatens Basketball Player in Expletive-Laden Rant

"I control transcripts. I control where you go next. It could be back to Haiti, motherfucker."


Quebec’s Incoming Premier Defends Banning Religious Symbols But Leaving Crucifix Up

At this point, François Legault is just giving away the game.


Seven Years of Syria

VICE traveled to the Syria-Lebanon border to meet teen refugees whose youth has been destroyed by war.


Cops Accuse Christian Commune of Smuggling and Raping Children

The Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps is known for its eccentric, militaristic brand of religion. This week, cops accused key leaders of horrific acts, including some that resulted in a child's death.


What It’s Like to ‘Come Out’ as Evangelical in the Queer Community

“I’m really tired of the Christian fundamentalist right co-opting the entire Christian community.”


Your ‘Minimalist’ Lifestyle Is Quasi-Religious Anti-Poor Bullshit

A PSA for anyone who has ever scoffed at Black Friday shoppers.


Needing Proof to Believe in Jesus Means You Have No Faith

The new film 'The Case for Christ​' presents a half-baked 'investigation' of Jesus's resurrection myth.


Inside New Zealand's Reclusive, Anti-Technology Christian Community

For the most part, the public has relied on accounts of ex-Gloriavale members to understand daily life within the community, but photographer Cam McLaren was invited into the community and gave VICE an exclusive preview of what he saw.


Photos of the Brand New Orthodox Megacathedral Funded By the Romanian Government

Last weekend, church leaders had a party to celebrate – and ask for more money.


'Ben-Hur' Couldn't Have Been Worse

The new version of the Charlton Heston epic barely qualifies as a remake. In fact, it barely qualifies as a film.


There's a Network of Christians Praying for Hollywood and the Film Industry

Saving Hollywood from sin and temptation since 2001.


Love, Sex, and Dating as a Neo-Virgin

Abstaining from sex when you know what it feels like is a lot harder than if you'd never done it at all.