These Portraits Capture the Stunning Diversity of Queer Cubans

Amid rollbacks of LGBTQ rights in Cuba, Alexis Ruiseco-Lombera is archiving the country's vibrant queer and trans community in photos.
Alexis Ruiseco

These Diplomats Are Suing Canada Over the Mysterious Brain Damage They Got While Stationed in Cuba

It’s dubbed the Havana Syndrome and its cause is unknown.
Tamara Khandaker
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The Skate Witches Shred Havana

The first all-women skate crew to visit Cuba challenged macho culture, inspired local girls, and addressed a lack of resources.
Kristin Ebeling

Vibrant Photos of Cuban Pigeon Racing

Carlos Jaramillo revisits a pigeon racer and his beautifully dyed birds in Havana.
Carlos Jaramillo

Ana Mendieta Fought for Women's Rights and Paid with Blood

The fearless artist was outspoken about issues like campus rape and domestic violence when they were still taboo.
Miss Rosen
true crime

How a Bay of Pigs Survivor Became a Brutal American Mobster

The mess of a CIA operation had horrific consequences for the organized crime scene back in the United States.
Seth Ferranti
VWOS Season One

The Real Story of Baseball in Cuba: VWOS

As Cuba and America embark on a seismic shift, Cuban ballplayers are caught in the middle: forced to wait on diplomacy or risk their lives for their chance at the Majors.
VICE Sports

Electrifying Photos of Cuba's Thriving Music Scene

Photographer Thomas Pratt's new book focuses on the everyday lives of rappers, drummers, and rumba groups in Santiago de Cuba.
Elizabeth Renstrom
Views My Own

I Forgot I Was a Refugee

But Donald Trump's presidency reminded me in a hurry.
David Eng
The VICE Guide to Right Now

FBI Really Wanted America to Believe Oswald Killed JFK, Files Show

The 2,891 recently released files shed light on the hectic aftermath of the assassination, as well as a significant memo from J. Edgar Hoover.
Drew Schwartz
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With Puig and Gurriel in the World Series, MLB's Cuban Conquest Is Complete

Yasiel Puig and Yulieski Gurriel are dominating this postseason, and a fitting symbol for a new baseball order.
Eric Nusbaum
Scene Reports

In Havana, Heavy Metal Is a Struggle

Despite a lack of resources and endless bureaucratic red tape, the Cuban extreme metal scene is flourishing.
Joe Henley