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Florida's Prisoners Are Getting Screwed Out of $11 Million of Music They Purchased

A new multimedia tablet program means that inmates will be unable to keep the mp3s and players they purchased under a previous for-profit program.
Kim Kelly
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Deadly Saskatchewan prison riot likely sparked by bad food, official watchdog says

Small food portions and inferior quality are creating a black market in prisons
Tamara Khandaker
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New York City Is Finally Done Sending Teens to Solitary

Punitive segregation—a.k.a. solitary confinement—is history for all inmates 21 or younger in America's largest city.
River Donaghey

Everything We Know About the Thursday Attack on a Rikers Island Prison Guard

Raymond Calderon was placed in a chokehold and slashed with a sharp object by a group of men alleged to have gang ties.
Brian McManus

The Legacy of Violence at the Manhattan Jail Known as the 'Tombs'

Though Rikers Island has gotten the recent media attention, New York City's other jails have also been beset by scandals.
John Surico
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Video Has Surfaced of New Zealand Prisoners Holding Organized Fights in Their Cells

Cell phones are prohibited at the 120-year-old prison, as is fighting, so there's an understandable amount of confusion and embarrassment surrounding the release of the footage on YouTube.
VICE Staff

​A Former Rikers Island Inmate Is Trying to Fix New York's Dysfunctional Jails

Stanley Richards just got appointed to the NYC Board of Correction, which oversees all the city's jails, including the one he used to call home.
John Surico

A Rikers Corrections Officer Was Fired After Missing Work Because Her Husband Shot Her in the Face

Now Janine Howard is suing the New York Department of Corrections. "I feel victimized," she said. "I feel like my safety and security can just be taken from me at anytime."
John Surico

We Spoke to Charles Manson’s Guitarist About His Life Making Art and Music While Serving Time for Murder

Bobby Beausoleil was an associate of Charles Manson and he murdered Gary Hinman, a crime for which he was sentenced to death. That hasn't stopped him from being a prolific artist.
Adam Kovac

The Isolated Island Where New York's Unknown and Unclaimed Are Buried

Hundreds of thousands of bodies lie under the ground in Hart Island, but despite the efforts of activists, it remains difficult for families to find out if their relatives are buried there.
Tess A. Owen

​How an Aryan Brotherhood Prison Gang General Became a Snitch

The rules for prison gangs are clear, and "no snitching" is at the top of the list. So why did Lil' Wood turn on his former brothers?
Seth Ferranti

The Feds Are Suing New York City Because Rikers Island Is a Hellhole

US Attorney Preet Bharara says Mayor Bill de Blasio is taking too long to reform the notoriously horrific collection of jails.
John Surico