dick pics

  • The Week in GIFs

    "Approval raiting? Hahaha. Hey folks, how about you approve this wicked Mexican-American deuce that in a few hours will be dropping from my ass to your mouth, you ungrateful motherf--Wait, what's that? Yes, extra sour cream, please."

  • Take a Pic of Your Dick with the Rock That Cock App

    You're going to love the way your schlong looks.

  • The Navy’s Elite Flying Squad Is Obsessed with Porn

    Lewdness in the US military is nothing new, but according to a recent internal report, the Blue Angels, the Navy's iconic flying acrobats, have devolved into a cesspool of degradation, dick pics, and sexual harassment.

  • We Talked to a Dick Pic Expert About Vag Pics

    Madeleine Holden, the curator and commentator behind Critique My Dick Pic offers tips: Use gentle lighting. Make sure the background is visually-appealing and clear of clutter. Include your hands in the picture.

  • Dick Pics Shouldn’t Surprise You if You’re a Woman on Tinder

    If you're a woman on Tinder, you should expect to see a lot of floppy dick jpegs. Here's a report from the cyber-love battlefield.

  • These Women Are Turning Dick Pics into Art

    Over 300 men who have engaged in a little harmless dick pic sending this summer may be shocked to find their members mounted, framed, and put on display August 23 at a Brooklyn, gallery space by an artist collective known as Future Femme.