Drug Use


More Drug Users Are Intentionally Using Fentanyl Amid Overdose Crisis, Study Finds

The way we think about harm reduction and fentanyl should change, Canadian researchers suggest.


Life After Heroin Is Beautiful and Boring

One of the hardest lessons around being sober is learning to appreciate the ordinary, the mundane, the normal.


Getting Sober Means Learning to Feel Bad

Heroine is an escape, a relief, a safe space. Giving it up means facing all the fear, rage, and terror you’ve been running from.


Who Am I Without Drugs? Imagining Life After Rehab

“My identity had become so entwined with heroin that I had normalised it. It was only occasionally, in a moment of clarity, that I realised just how abnormal being a heroin addict was.”


Why So Many More Young Brits Are Smoking Crack Again

The past year has seen a huge 30 percent rise in people under-25 seeking treatment for the drug.


Students in Ontario Are Using Drugs Less—Except Fentanyl

Apparently opioids are more popular than cigarettes in Ontario high schools.


We Analysed Today's New Drug Use Stats in England and Wales So You Don't Have to

The big take-away: drug use is on the up among young people, countering the government's argument against decriminalisation.


Why Women Take Fewer Drugs Than Men

The gender drug divide is actually widening; women are now less likely than men to have taken drugs than they were in 1996.


Liberals Are Treating Their Bodies Like Garbage Cans After Trump's Win

"I haven't been sober this year, I don't think."


How the Stigma of Drug Addiction Hurts All of Us

As people continue to die en masse due to the opioid crisis, we look at how stereotypes surrounding drug use are holding society back.


How You Can Help the World Understand Illegal Drugs

Last year, we discovered all sorts of things about the ways in which humans consume narcotics, and with your help, we can do exactly the same for 2016.


A Sharp Rise of Fentanyl Found in Other Drugs Has Experts Alarmed

With an over 40 percent increase in street drugs cut with the deadly opioid, experts are suggesting casual drug use has never been more dangerous.