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I Overclocked My Feet With the First Esports Sneakers

The world’s first esports performance sneakers are basically vented slippers and, honestly, that’s great.
Matthew Gault
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Why We Still Need a Women-Only 'Counter-Strike' Tournament

This week DreamHack announced a $100,000 prize pool for its women’s CS:GO event.
Nicole Carpenter

The World's Best 'FIFA' Player Was Crowned at the ePremier League Final

Sitting next to his mum, we watched 17-year-old F2Tekkz take the title.
Mark Wilding
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Lil Yachty and Logic Playing Mario Kart on Stage Is Definitely Esports

This is proof that rap and pro gaming are now in the same world.
Phil Witmer

How Esports Teams Decide to Expand Into New Games

The shuttering of pro squads prior to the launch of Blizzard's professional Overwatch league illustrates the risks and rewards teams like Immortals and Team Liquid must consider when choosing new games.
B. David Zarley

For Disabled Gamers Like BrolyLegs, Esports Is an Equalizer

"Places I thought were never possible to go to because of my disability became a reality in competing in fighting games."
Luke Winkie

A Day With Chris Puckett, The Voice of Major League Gaming

Or: How a 30-year-old college dropout became the voice, brains and de facto PR man of a global gaming empire.
Jonny Auping

New Documentary 'Living The Game' Takes You Inside the Lives of Professional Street Fighter Players

At Fightland, we spend a lot of time talking people who wanted to grow up to be like the characters in Street Fighter. Today, we talk to Takao Gotsu, the director of a film that profiles the lives of those who grew up to be professional Street Fighter...
Sarah Kurchak

Beware The Wolf: Can Esports Prevent Its Inevitable Match Fixing Scandal?

Esports are uniquely vulnerable to a widespread match fixing scandal. Can a network of organizations prevent it before it begins?
B. David Zarley

Inside the Heart of Competitive Pokemon Darkness

Your humble correspondent travels to the most adorable, violent sport there is to find out what the fuss is all about.
Corbin Smith

One Jungle Share at a Time: Meet the Bill James of Esports

Analytics are penetrating esports like League of Legends. Tim Sevenhuysen is a crucial voice, breaking down weekly pro games with incisive, illuminating, and often home-cooked stats.
Luke Winkie
Street Fighter

The Esports VIP Room Debate and the Athlete's Right to Privacy

Private spaces are becoming more prevalent in esports' Fighting Game Community. Is that a problem or is the scene just growing up?
Marc Shaw