Father's Day


Confessions of a Dumbass, Gung-ho Dad

Or how I broke my face trying to be a ‘cool dad’ and learned to accept my limitations.


These Photos Helped Me Understand My Dad's Overdose Death

Photographer Jackie Dives talks about the double exposures that helped her process the grief of losing a parent to addiction.


I Loved My Dad, But Hated His Machismo

My Mexican-American father gave me everything. But I don't want his patriarchal worldview.


Seven of Literature's Ultimate Dads

From heroic lawyers fighting injustice to mutant inseminators with offspring spanning centuries, here are some of the dadliest dads around.


Kanye and Kim Are Having a Boy!

Yeezus Jr. coming soon!


20 Great Songs About Bad Dads

Loathe the old man in style, if you must.


Eminem Is My Father

For a kid growing up without a dad, Eminem was a perfect role model.


Famous Dads I Want to Bang

While other girls my age pine over that closeted homosexual from Magic Mike, I sit at home dreaming about creepy old actors who have had multiple marriages both on screen and in real life. These are the famous dads I want to bang.


Your Dad Is Disappointed

Fathers see things tattooed deep within, all that is wrong with you. And they see the good, too, things that are subtle, because they are always searching, always trying to find out why you are the way you are.



This series is my attempt to capture childhood memories revolving around my father. He has spent all of his 69 years in a small city in Poland and has been shaped by its culture, rural lifestyle, and decades under communist rule.