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We Asked Hayley Kiyoko Fans About Their First Major Crushes

"She was just, like, so mysterious and arty, and she wanted to take my picture.”
Rosie Hewitson

MDMA Mimics a Genetic Disorder Called 'Cocktail Party Syndrome'

Williams syndrome is often called the opposite of autism – so researchers believe MDMA could help people on the autism spectrum.
Jennifer Latson
New music

Drake Surprise-Releases New Songs "God's Plan" and "Diplomatic Immunity"

Packaged together as 'Scary Hours,' the two singles see Drake firing shots at Joe Budden and thinking about J. Lo again.
Alex Robert Ross

It's Time to Cry While Listening to Bernice's Ode to Sadness, "David"

Sometimes to get better and happier, you have to feel low.
Sarah MacDonald
Deep Ass Questions

We Asked Emo Bands to Review Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO Tour Llif3”

"Do you guys ever notice how trap is basically the hip-hop equivalent to emo?"
Devin Pacholik
Album Anniversary

Arctic Monkeys 'Favourite Worst Nightmare' Was My Purgatory Between Being Young and Grown-Up

Their sophomore records turns ten years old this month and speaks to a specific adolescent growing pain.
Sarah MacDonald
Vice Blog

Andrew W.K. on Life's Ups and Downs

Very intense, uncomfortably strange inner sensations can be experienced as joyous and delightful.
Andrew W.K.

An Expert Explains Why You Feel So Lonely All the Time

Failing to connect with other people can seriously screw with your dopamine reward system, says psychiatrist Amy Banks.
Annie Vainshtein
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

This Video of Celine Dion Singing "My Heart Will Go On" Is The Brazy 'Titanic' Sequel We Never Got

Far across the distance and spaces between us, Celine "Mother Gaia" Dion will always go on.
Sarah MacDonald
so sad today

The Smell of Depression

It seems like I've divided my feelings into categories, the way that one might do with fragrance types: floral, citrus, earthy, smoky, gourmand, spicy.
So Sad Today
New music

Watch Sturgill Simpson's Sad, Shipwrecked "Breakers Roar" Video

The former Navy man warns his son of the lonesome emptiness of the open sea.
Craig Jenkins
Festival Season!

THUMP's Official Guide to The Best Parties at SXSW 2016

We’ve collected all the most exciting shows and parties in one place so you don’t have to.
Alexander Iadarola